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Mission Statement

We purchase, install and support equipment to provide dependable radio communications to our customers.


What Do We Do?

We are responsible for the maintenance, operation and administration of the County's Public Safety Radio System (PSRS), associated point to point microwave systems and County owned communication towers. The system is comprised of 10 transmit sites county-wide and an 11th transmit site downtown for aviation and communications inside hardened County buildings. There are currently 19 governmental agencies with direct access to the system, 3 large cities which utilize the County's Master Site to operate their systems, and another 44 agencies which have achieved interoperability through programming.

We also maintain all general government subscriber units on the Public Safety Radio system, maintain and operate the UHF MEDCOM system, and install and service mobile radios in County vehicles.  Additionally, we provide radio repair services to non-County governmental agencies by contract.

Related Wireless Activities
We process requests to use physical space on County-owned towers, is the main point-of-contact to investigate interference and other system complaints, and we deal directly with the Federal Communication Commission to resolve interference issues.

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