​Public Safety Radio Access Costs


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The County has arranged a cost structure for agencies that utilize the Palm Beach County Public Safety Radio System for their regular communications (Direct and Temporary Access Agreements). The costs involved are the following:

  • $3,234.00 Start-Up Fee: This is a one time user fee per radio. This fee is for County agencies wishing to utilize the system that were not part of the initial user count, for other government agencies wishing to access the County System, and for County agencies that have exceeded their maximum allotment.
  • $226.00 Maintenance Program: The users on the system are required to contribute to the maintenance of the radio system on a per radio, per year basis. The Maintenance Program consists of maintaining the system, troubleshooting, and making repairs on a 24/7/365 basis as well as performing preventative maintenance, but not limited to radio and microwave systems, control/management and alarm systems, towers, and equipment shelters.
  • $ 211.42 System Renewal and Replacement Fund: The agencies on the system are also required to contribute to a structured savings plan on a per radio, per year basis. The purpose of the fund is to create a savings plan by which the cost of the backbone (tower site) equipment renewal and replacement is prorated over the estimated life of the system and paid on an annual basis throughout its life. The Replacement Fund may also be used to expand the existing system or to replace the existing infrastructure as determined by the County. (This payment maybe deferred with the Temporary Access Agreement). However, if permanent access option is elected, payment of this fee is retroactive to the date of temporary connection.
  • The County charges the agency on a yearly basis in the month of November for the radios that were on the system as of the prior September 30th for the Maintenance and System Renewal and Replacement Fund. The County also prepares a separate invoice for the Start-Up Fee and sends it within ten (10) days of the completed Direct Access Interlocal allowing access to the system.
  • The Interoperability, Direct Access, and Temporary Interlocal Agreements are available for any governmental or public service agency residing in or immediately around Palm Beach County. Interlocal requests or questions can be made via e-mail to Ken Denker,​ System Administrator. The Interoperability Agreements contain the details of the methodology for interoperability and the details for accessing the system.


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