Public Safety Radio Interoperability


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The Palm Beach County System utilizes 16 standardized talk groups for system interoperability. The talk groups are called the Common Talk-Groups and are described below:

  • The Common Talk Groups are standardized talk-groups on the system implemented for multi-jurisdictional and multi-discipline communications. There are sixteen (16) Common Talk-Groups that reside on the County's County-Wide Simulcast system and are accessible to all users currently on the system. The Common Talk-Groups are monitored by all agencies that utilize them for interoperable communications as required by their interlocal agreement. Currently PBSO monitors the Law Enforcement (LE) Calling, County Fire Rescue monitors the Fire (FR) Calling, and the County Emergency Operations Center monitors the EM Call Talk-Group. The monitoring agencies are responsible to respond to calling units and assign working talk-groups on as-needed basis. Agencies wishing to utilize the Common Talk Groups are required to sign an Interlocal Agreement with the County. The interlocal defines the conditions for use of the Talk-Groups.
  • The County, in its attempt to provide interoperable communications for governmental agencies with a local presence that utilize trunking P25 800 MHz radios, is offering access to the County-Wide Common Talk-Groups free of charge.



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