​Mission Statement

To operate and maintain County facilities and provide associated services to the County departments, Constitutional Officers, and the public.

What Do We do?

  • Preventative and corrective maintenance, as well as replacement of equipment and related systems;
  • Custodial, building support and landscaping services at designated buildings and sites;
  • Facility related emergency response services after hours;
  • Facility set up of shelters and the Special Care Unit in case of adverse weather conditions; and
  • Manage the County's energy consumption and recycling program.

Maintenance & Operations Section

To provide services focused on asset management and preservation of County owned property an provides customer services for the tenants and users through: team oriented, decentralized, fast, competitive, quality service to all customers; focusing on its primary core responsibilities of operations and maintenance of County assets; and providing or coordinating additional services beyond operations and maintenance to County building tenants and Departments at cost in a quality, competitive, responsive manner.

This section is divided into six primary regions and two sub regions:
  • North
  • West (Includes Stockade and Belle Glade Jail)
  • South
  • Governmental Center
  • Criminal Justice
  • Central 

Parking Section

To provide responsive, cost effective operation of the downtown facilities by focusing on: providing safe and well maintained parking, striving daily to provide excellent customer service, managing parking spaces fairly and responsively, enforcing parking rules to promote voluntary compliance, and maximizing parking and fiscal resources.