​Public Safety Radio Oversight Committee


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The Countywide Radio Steering Committee (CRSSC) was developed to implement, enforce, and if needed, modify the operating procedures for the Palm Beach County Public Safety Radio System. Some of the operating procedures are the following:

  • Establishment of standardized Talk Groups.
  • Development of operating procedures for accessing agency and interoperability talk-groups.
  • Development of procedures to report system problems or requested modifications.
  • Review, evaluate, and make recommendations on upgrades to the system (Digital migration, additional channel requirements, roaming, telephone interconnect, private call).
  • Evaluate new technology and its migration path.
  • Establishment of SOP's on the expenditure of funds.

The CRSSC's membership comprises of representatives of the System Users Group, a representative from the Sheriff's Office, Fire Rescue, General Government, South County Co-Op (Boca, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach), and the County's System Administrator who currently chairs the committee.

The CRSSC meets quarterly at the County's Electronic Services Division conference room. For information on the date of the next meeting, contact Ken Denker.


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