About Us

The Business and Operations Division is diverse, offering support and assistance to other divisions within the FDO Department, other County departments, outside agencies and the public at large.  For both our internal and external customers, we research, prepare, negotiate, manage and administer building use permits, contracts and agreements on a wide variety of matters involving the FDO Department and the use of County facilities.  Our Division also manages FDO public records requests and acts as the Departmental liason to the Inspector General, Internal Auditor, and County Attorney's office.

Further, we are responsible for business development and procurement related services for the FDO Department which include, but are not limited to, vendor outreach, contract evaluation/compliance, stores, spec writing, processing orders for the Divisions, creating and implementing procedural guidelines for procurement related functions and coordination with the Purchasing Department.

We strive daily to provide excellent customer service to both our internal and external customers, and to  provide the most efficient procurement practices in order to timely obtain the needed goods and services to maintain the daily operations of all the locations the FDO Department oversees.   

Vendor Outreach

*** Building Successful Business Relationships with Palm Beach County***

Amanda Ray, Procurement and Business Development Manager, is available to assist vendors in becoming registered with Palm Beach County, help vendors successfully navigate their way through the organizational structure of Palm Beach County, provide vendors a better understanding of how to do business with Palm Beach County and receive timely payment.  She will also provide one-on-one orientations to new vendors in order to educate them on all of the opportunities Palm Beach County has to offer and the different payment methods available.  She is available to provide assistance with industry's most frequently asked questions and/or concerns.  Together we can provide a win-win for everyone!

Orientation topics range from

  • Registering as a Vendor/Payment
  • Procurement Methods
  • Incentive Programs

 Contact Us


Brenda Znachko

Director, Business Operations
Email: BZnachko@pbcgov.org
Phone: 561-233-0220


Mark Broderick

Business and Community
Agreements Manager
Email: MBroderick@pbcgov.org
Phone: 561-233-5252


Natalia Restrepo

Contract Management Specialist
Email: NRestrepo@pbcgov.org
Phone: 561-233-2544

Vendor Outreach and Procurement

Amanda Ray

Procurement and Business
Development Manager
Email: ALRay@pbcgov.org
Phone: 561-233-2014


Email Questions about vendor registration to: pbcvendor@pbcgov.org