Security and Card Access


Mission Statement

Through teamwork, pride, respect and efficiency we create a safe and secure environment for all users of Palm Beach County facilities.

We are responsible for the management of an in-house security force that provides security services for governmental buildings where the stability and interaction between the public and building occupants is critical. We are also responsible for the administration of a contracted security service through which over 4,000 hours of weekly service is provided to county courthouses conducting security screening of all persons and items entering these facilities.

We work directly with our customers to ensure the safety of life and property within all County facilities.  Following the countywide security and access program, we perform routine security audits and develop custom security solutions by using a combination of personnel and security electronics systems.  We work closely with the FDO Capital Improvements Division and FDO Procurement and Project Implementation Group to review site and construction plans for all new or remodeled facilities and use Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) practices to ensure the highest level of security possible.

Card Access and Criminal History Records Check

Another part of our security responsibility is the processing of identification cards and criminal history record checks.  Cards for County employees serve primarily as identification, but also may be used in conjunction with electronic access control systems located throughout the County.  For non-County employees, and pursuant to County Ordinance 2003-030, all contractors requiring unescorted access in County facilities are required to be fingerprinted and successfully complete a Criminal History Records Check.  If the applicant is found to be in accordance with Ordinance 2003-030, photo ID will be issued authorizing the approved unescorted access.

Card Access and Key Control

The Security section is also responsible for the countywide key control and card access systems. We use intelligent keys, proprietary keyways and specialized card access applications for all County facilities. We develop and maintain master-key architecture and authorize the distribution and use of all hard keys and serve as the administrator for the various card access systems utilized in County facilities



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