Click Here to Locate a Hydrant Near Your Worksite

Enter the Service Address in the search field or pan (mouse wheel) to the desired hydrant and click the nearest property (lot). The desired address will then automatically display for you. Please note that our Service Area Boundary is encompassed by the area highlighted in yellow only.

Create a Location Map that includes one or two major access roads to the desired site, then print the map. Attach the location map to a completed Hydrant Meter Application and Memorandum of Understanding form. (use one of the forms listed below according to the location)

Hydrant Meter Form

Please include the applicable security deposit (checks or money orders only) payable to "PBCWUD" and submit the application to The Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department, 8100 Forest Hill Boulevard, West Palm Beach 33413. For further information, please contact us at 561-493-6058, 561-493-6056 or 561-493-6100.