​Plan Submittal

Plans are submitted to Water Utilities – Plan Review Section

  • First Submittal Should Consist of:
  • Water/Sewer Plans (2 sets)
  • Plan Review Fee ($50.00 per ERC/min. $750.00)
  • Paving/Drainage Plans
  • Landscaping Plans
  • Fire Marshall Approved Plans
  • Proposed Plat
  • Proposed Easements
  • DEP Application Forms
  • Lift Station Calculations
  • Confirmation of a Standard Development Agreement

Review and Approval

Plans reviewed and returned with comments to Engineer Corrections made by Engineer and returned to Plan Review Process is repeated until Plans are approved!

Engineer obtains applicable permits

  • Health Department/DEP
  • Lake Worth Drainage District
  • Land Development
  • D.O.T.
  • South Florida Water Management District

Pre–Construction Meeting

Engineer submits a "pre–work package" consisting of:

  • Construction Cost Estimate for PBCWUD owned facilities
  • Inspection Fee (5% of cost estimate)
  • Shop Drawings
  • Shop Specifications (Approved Materials List)
  • Copies of Contractor's license
  • Copies of any applicable permits

Meeting is scheduled

Construction begins

All utility work inspected and approved by Construction Coordinator

Record drawings submitted for review

Approved record drawing submittal:

  • 10 Sets Blue Line Prints
  • 1 Set Mylars
  • List of M.H., Hydrants and Valves (form provided by PBCWUD at Pre–work)
  • Disk containing as–built drawing CAD files
  • Fire hydrant flow tests
  • Corrosion barrier system test certifications
  • Disk containing scanned as–built drawings

Certification to HRS

  • Certification of Completion
  • Copy of Record Drawings with Identified Sample Points
  • Bacteriological Test Results

Legal Package Submitted

  • Bill of Sale with Attachment (Cost Documentation)
  • Property Owners Affidavit
  • Recorded Plat and/or Recorded Easement with Title Policy (if applicable)
  • Indemnity Agreement (if required)

Legal Package Accepted

Release from Health Department

  • Meter Requested
  • Meter Applied and Paid for
  • Approvals by Contract Management, Construction Coordination and Plan Review through Development Tracking System (DTS)
  • Work Order is created for Service Installation by PBCWUD O&M
  • Work Completed. Customer is Online.