Weather Monitoring/Storm Tracking


  • Businesses in Florida should keep a watchful eye on the weather at all times.
  • Special attention should be paid during hurricane season from June through November.
  • Once a tropical storm is identified, someone in your organization should be assigned to track the storm.
  • The person tracking the storm should be given credible sources of information to rely on.
  • Any word on what is happening with the storm should be communicated only by that person.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How should I monitor the weather?

Monitoring the weather is best done with a NOAA weather radio. If you do not have a NOAA weather radio you should consider purchasing one. It is preferable to buy a weather radio with Specific Area Message Encoding and Selectable Alert Capabilities. This ensures you are getting information specific to your area. Local television is another good source of information on the storm. Local, as opposed to national, television stations are more in tune with your community and are generally in a better position to furnish you with the up to date information you need to make decisions.

Who should I appoint to do the monitoring and tracking?

For consistency and to avoid information overload, weather monitoring and storm tracking should be assigned to a single individual. It is desirable to have a back-up identified in the event the primary monitor is not available. That storm monitor should be given the tools and time necessary to adequately track the storm.

How should we communicate the weather and storm information to the employees?

Information should be communicated to the employees as expeditiously as possible. The best method will depend on the size of your facility and the number of employees. As the threat increases, personnel briefings and meetings provide an opportunity to clarify the threat and to discuss plans and actions.

How often are the advisories updated?

When the storm is projected to make landfall in the United States within 72 hours, advisories will be issued and updated every 6 hours (5am, 11am, 5pm, 11pm). When the storm is projected to make landfall within 24 hours, intermediate advisories will be issued at 8am, 2pm, 8pm & 2am.

What is my best source for storm tracking information?

Once the storm is projected to make landfall in South Florida, the best sources for weather information and storm tracking are your local news and weather sources. Local radio and television stations will offer the information that is most relevant to your immediate area.


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