The Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management's Logistics Section works in several aspects to ensure that citizens, visitors, and the County are prepared for an incident by coordinating resources (e.g., equipment, commodities, or people) in preparation for, response to, and recovery from any of the 12 hazards identified that Palm Beach County could be impacted by.

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Preparation – Logistics provides procurement, allocation, and movement of resources to locations (e.g., shelters, point of distribution, etc.) prior to the locations being operational to receive the public. Logistics can also provide deployment of County resource to other locations around the state in the days leading to an incident impacting other counties, if requested.

Response – Logistics assists with response operations when local resources are request to an incident (e.g., aircraft, fire, etc.) impacting any of the 39 municipalities in Palm Beach County, unincorporated Palm Beach County, or other jurisdiction in the state requesting assistance.

Recovery – Logistics can procure needed facilities, personnel, and equipment to assist in recovery efforts for the public (e.g., Disaster Recovery Center, Family Assistance and Survivor Care Center, etc.).

In addition to working with the municipal, county, regional, state, and federal partners the Logistics Section works with private non-profits organizations to assist in obtaining resources through physical donations of items, spontaneous or organized volunteers, and financial donations.

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