• Post hurricane Reentry/Access will be established by local authorities based on safety and security consideration.
  • As part of your plan development, contact local authorities to determine their plans for checkpoints and requirements for reentry/access to your business after a hurricane.
  • Generally some sort of picture ID and linkage with the business will be required to clear checkpoints.
  • While reentry and access will be addressed in other areas of your plan it is of such importance that it deserves special emphasis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do ahead of time to make sure that I can gain access to my business after a hurricane?

Make sure that everyone who will require access after the hurricane has a picture ID and something that ties them to your company's address. If possible, carry a copy of the business occupational license as proof of association with your business.

Who should I contact?

Contact your local police, fire or emergency management office to determine their policies and procedures for reentry after an event. If your community uses County services, check with the appropriate County agencies. If asked, be prepared to provide a current list of names of employees needing access after an event.

What questions should I ask?

Ask when and under what circumstances access will be allowed. Ask if they require a list of your employees that will require access. Ask what form of ID they will require. Ask how they will communicate with the community as to reentry (radio, TV, what stations, etc.).


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