Plan Review and Update


Businesses should review and update their hurricane survival and recovery plan at the beginning of each calendar year to account for changes, additions, deletions, etc.
A hurricane plan is never a finished document - it evolves, changes and should be refined over time.
Coincident with reviewing and updating your plan, it may also be a good time to do your pre-hurricane season preparations.
Some examples of pre-season preparations include:
  • Trimming trees & shrubs around your facilities
  • Removing potential projectiles & hazards
  • Purchasing emergency supplies & equipment
  • Videotaping or photographing your facilities

Frequently Asked Questions:

Has my business changed since the last year?

Take a look at how you conduct your business. If you have made any substantial changes, this is the time to review how those changes would affect your hurricane plan and even your overall business plan.

Do I have new employees that need to be informed of our disaster procedures?

If you have hired new employees since you last reviewed your plan, you should be sure they have a copy of your plan (or have access to one) and are aware of their responsibilities according to the plan.

Is my contact list up to date?

Make sure that you have accurate and up to date names, phone numbers and addresses for all of your employees. Also make sure you have the names and numbers of their emergency contacts. Make sure that you have accurate and up to date information on your customers, especially your key customers.Also make sure any new customers have been added to your list. It is important that you review the information on your vendors and suppliers. Make sure that any new ones have been added. It would also be wise to have a list of alternate vendors and suppliers (preferably outside any likely disaster impact area) in case your current ones are unable to help you after a hurricane.

Have I made any changes in my facilities since the last review?

If you have made any changes in your facilities, such as adding new buildings, remodeling existing buildings, adding fueling docks or any other changes that might affect how you prepare your facilities for a hurricane, your plan update should reflect those changes.

Have I made any changes/updates to my computer system?

If you have added, changed or updated your computer system, including software, in any way, make sure that your plan addresses the differences.

Have there been additions/deletions of vital records?

Review your vital records to make sure that they are up to date and provisions for securing them have been made.

Is my equipment inventory up to date?

Check your equipment inventory to make sure it includes any additions or deletions. Update your plan accordingly.

Have my communications systems changed in the past year?

Review your communications system. If you have changed or replaced your telephone system, added or changed cell phones, added or changed two way radio communications or made any other substantive changes to your communications system, you should update your plan accordingly.


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