Office Preparations

  • You should prepare your office areas prior to a potential hurricane.
  • This should include your office files, machinery and supplies necessary for resumption or continuance of the business.
  • What and how much preparation you undertake depends on the physical location and attributes of your offices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What factors should I consider regarding the protection of my offices?

Make duplicate copies of important documents and plan to take them with you.

  • Make sure the inventory of business equipment and furniture is up to date.
  • Place loose papers, books, plants in desk drawers or storage cabinets.
  • Backup computer files and plan to take a copy of each with you.
  • Move merchandise, equipment and furniture away from windows, skylights and external doors.
  • Take down pictures and plaques from walls.
  • Remove all files and records from the floor and place on shelves, file cabinets or counter tops. Empty the bottom drawers of file cabinets to protect from water damage.
  • Relocate boxes, computers and other sensitive office equipment, if possible, to the innermost portion of the building or to a designated offsite safe place.
  • If possible, install shutters.
  • Secure the first floor doorways with sandbags, duct tape or heavy plastic.
  • Cover merchandise, files, office machines, computers and other office equipment and furnishings with heavy plastic and secure with duct tape or rope.
  • Disconnect all electrical appliance and equipment
  • As you leave, turn off the circuit breaker for all electricity, except for refrigeration, and lock all doors.

When should I begin to take steps to protect my office?

When to begin office preparations depends on the size and complexity of your office and the number of employees who will help with the preparation. Your Timeline for Decisions/Actions should take into consideration your plans for office preparation. You can start by securing less critical areas first while continuing to operate your business and thus reduce the time and effort for last minute preparations when shut down is necessary. 

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