Physical Asset Protection


  • Protection of facilities, grounds, equipment, vehicles and inventory is important to restoring operations as quickly as possible after a hurricane.
  • If you are renting, you and your landlord need to have a clear understanding of each others' responsibilities regarding assets.
  • Make sure your hurricane plan includes all of the preparations that must be made before a hurricane.
  • Make sure that personnel are designated and qualified to supervise and perform a complete facility shutdown.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I have a list of my physical assets?

It is essential that you prepare and maintain a complete inventory of all of your physical assets. Your list should include, at least, your buildings, fixtures, vehicles, equipment and inventory.

When should I start my facilities and grounds preparations?

The decision as to when to start your preparations will be determined by the size and complexity of your facilities. If you rent your facilities, it may well be that the landlord will determine when the preparations should begin. You should have a clear understanding with your landlord or property manager regarding his plans and expectations. You should also refer to the Timeline for Decisions/Actions element for further information.

What should I do about any hazardous materials stored on my grounds?

Hazardous material can be defined and categorized as flammable, combustible, explosive, toxic, noxious-corrosive, oxidizable, radioactive or irritating. Detailed lists of hazardous materials may be obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency and/or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Specific articles regarding hazardous materials may be found at the FEMA website. It is important that you be familiar with the hazmat items stored at your facilities and take every precaution to secure them. You should also familiarize yourself with neighboring sites that house hazardous materials that could provide a health problem to your business.

What should I do about all the materials and equipment that I have stored outside on my grounds?

Materials and equipment that you have stored outside should be either moved inside or secured. If this is not possible, they should be relocated and stored in a secure location off-site.

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