Service Interruptions


  • Your plan should give consideration to the fact that after a major disaster there likely will be considerable interruptions of services.
  • Service interruptions may include closed roads and water, electric, gas, and telephone outages.
  • The length of interruptions can vary significantly depending on the levels of damage sustained by the area, the location of your business, and the restoration priorities of service providers. 

Service Interruption Times You Can Expect:

Workers can go to work1 Day - 7 days
Major roads passable with single lane2 days - 4 days
Major roads passable with double lanes5 days - 3 Weeks
Food & Water available at relief distribution centers4 days - 7 Days
Water service restored3 days - 2 Weeks
Sewer service restored3 days - 2 Weeks
Cellular phone service available1 Day - 5 Days
Regular phone service restored2 Days - 5 Weeks
Power restored2 Days - 5 Weeks
Gas service restored1 Day - 3 weeks
Federal assistance available7 Days - 10 days
Insurance claims adjuster arrival3 Days - 4 Weeks
Insurance claims settlement3 Days - 90 Days
Emergency permit processing2 Days - 1 Week
Rebuilding of facilities???

These times are provided as rough estimates only. They are based on input from service providers and experience gained from previous events. Actual times may differ significantly depending on the severity of disaster damage, post disaster priorities, and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it be before I can get to my place of business?

Depending on the severity of the hurricane, you can expect a delay of 1-3 days minimum, and possibly longer before you can secure access to your business. Roads may need to be cleared and local authorities will inspect the area to determine when it is safe to enter.

How long can I expect the services to be interrupted?

Service interruption will vary depending on the range and severity of damage and the availability of restoration resources. Click below for illustrative service interruption times you can expect. Keep in mind these are only general estimates and interruption times could be significantly higher in severely damaged areas.


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