Employee Release/Recall Procedure


  • Your communications plan and procedures for business shutdown should specifically address employee release and recall.
  • The timing of the release of your employees and, especially, procedures for recalling them after the event, will be very important to your survival and recovery efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should this element be separate from my communication plan and my timeline for business shutdown?

Having a separate procedure with clear and concise instructions that specifically address employee release and recall is important. Your survival and recovery efforts will depend largely on your employee's safety before the storm and their safety and availability after a storm. Keep in mind that post storm communication outages may hamper your ability to reach key personnel to give them instruction on returning to work. As a backup, you may want to establish a "communication tree" whereby employees living in the same vicinity check up on each other and implement a standing protocol for reporting back to work.

How should I determine when to release my employees so they can attend to their personal protection?

The procedures you develop in your Communication Plan, your Timeline for Decisions/Actions and your Business Shutdown Strategy/Procedures should guide you in this decision.

If there is no telephone communication after an event, how can I contact my employees?

If telephone service is available after the storm you should be in contact with your employees as soon as possible to determine their condition and to convey reporting requirements and other information regarding the company's status. You should also have established a number for your employees to call.If telephone service is not available, employees should follow the standing protocol established as part of your Communication Plan.

How will employees know when to return to work if the storm misses us?

In briefing employees before release, be sure to provide specific instructions for reporting to work if the storm misses the area. Many a business has lost valuable work time when employees have taken advantage of the storm threat to get a little extra time off.  

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