Emergency Supplies


  • You should purchase well in advance of any event the equipment and supplies necessary to protect and, possibly, repair your property should a hurricane strike.
  • Keep supplies, equipment and tools in a secure but easily accessible place.
  • Designate one person responsible for purchasing and maintaining the supplies inventory.
  • The inventory should be checked, verified ready to use and, if necessary, replenished well before the hurricane season.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What emergency supplies should I have on hand?
The type of emergency supplies you should have on hand varies with the types of hazards you are likely to experience. Following is a generic list of recommended supplies:

Plastic SheetingDuct tapeMasking tapeSandbags
Storm ShuttersChain SawPlywoodHand tools
GeneratorCellular PhoneFoodBottled water
First aid KitPlastic garbage bags & tilesDisinfectantSoap & liquid detergent
Battery operated radioNOAA weather radioExtra batteriesFlashlights
MatchesCandlesNon-electric can openerUtility knife
Paper towelsCamera & filmWork glovesMops & pails


What is the status of my supplies?

At the beginning of each year you should check the status of your emergency supplies. You should check the inventory to make sure that you have sufficient quantities of each item. You should also check the condition of items such as batteries to make sure they are in working order. Consider the quantities you might need until supply sources reopen following a hurricane.

How and where should I store my supplies?

You should determine a safe and secure location to store your emergency supplies, making sure that those responsible for using and distributing them know where they are.

Who is going to be responsible for the supplies?

If the business is very small it may be that the owner will take responsibility for emergency supplies. If the business is larger, unless you have several locations, you will probably want to assign responsibility for the purchase, testing and management of emergency supplies to a single individual. Make sure, however, that others know where they are and can get access if the primary supply manager is not available.

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