Developing Survival Strategies


  • Your business should have a strategy in place to deal with what you will do after a disastrous hurricane.
  • Considering options and developing strategies as part of your plan development will help you in making decisions in the chaotic post-hurricane environment.
  • Determining the impact a hurricane will have on your particular business will assist you in the development of this strategy.
  • Research has shown that there are problems for businesses that are unrelated to the amount of direct damage they sustain.
  • Your strategy, therefore, should also take into consideration the indirect effects of damage on your customers, vendors, suppliers, utilities and the surrounding community in general.
  • Your strategy should take into consideration the fact that, after a major event, things will not return to "normal."
  • Business as usual is not likely to be a viable option after a category 3 or higher storm.
  • It is likely that your customers will have to seek goods and services elsewhere while you are out of service and they may not return.
  • Recovery priorities should be set based on identifying the consequences of your business disruption in terms of financial loss, additional expense and the maximum period of interruption that you can tolerate.


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