Developing the Plan


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  • Someone must be in charge of developing the hurricane survival and recovery plan.
  • The first step in the development of a plan is the designation of the person or persons who will be responsible for development & implementation.
  • In a very small business it may be the responsibility of the owner.
  • In larger businesses it may be representatives of select departments or disciplines.
  • It is imperative that one person or a designated team of people be assigned this important responsibility.

Should I have a plan? 

Every business, no matter its size and complexity, should have a written plan. The scope of your plan will depend on the level of detail you choose. Determine who is going to be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining your hurricane survival and recovery plan. It may be that you will be performing these tasks yourself or, if you have a number of employees, you may assign the tasks to one or more individuals. Enter a name or names using the following form. If it is likely responsibilities might change, it may be appropriate to use job titles instead of names on the form.

Where do I start?

Start developing your plan by reviewing the elements on this web site. Each element contains information and/or forms that may be inserted into your company's plan. Below is a list of elements that you should consider for inclusion in your plan. Each element represents an area for critical decisions and actions prior to or following a hurricane.

  • Developing the Plan
  • Developing Survival Strategies
  • Protecting Your Business
  • Insurance
  • Plan Review and Update
  • Emergency Supplies
  • Weather Monitoring/Storm Tracking
  • Timeline for Decision/Actions
  • Emergency Communication Plan
  • Physical Asset Protection
  • Vital Records and Data Protection
  • Office Preparations
  • Business Shutdown Strategy/Procedure
  • Employee Release/Recall Procedure
  • Post Hurricane Priorities
  • Reentry/Access
  • Damage Assessment
  • Protection of Salvageable Assets
  • Security
  • Service Interruptions
  • Debris Removal
  • Managing Your Insurance Claim
  • Implementing the Post Hurricane Strategies
  • Business Recovery Assistance
  • Employee Recovery

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