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phil foster park ​

- In preparation for new playground facilities​, the playground is currently closed until further notice.

The use of balloons is prohibited at this park.

900 E. Blue Heron Boulevard
Riviera Beach, Florida 33404
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  • beach and playground: Sunrise-Sunset
  • boat ramps: 24-hour Boat Trailer Parking Permit Required​ ($10 daily permit available onsite)
    • 24-hour ramp access and parking available, boat trailer and tow vehicle parking permitted (24-hour period maximum). Boaters requiring more extended stay periods must utilize alternate parking location​. 
  • fishing pier: Sunrise - 10:00 pm

CLASS: Beach

ACREAGE: 14.65 acres




Boats that wash up on shore or are abandoned in the park, as well as trailers abandoned in the parking lots are subject to removal or salvage. Once an abandoned boat and/or trailer are identified, Palm Beach County Sheriffs will be notified. Sheriffs will tag the equipment as per their procedures. If the equipment has serial numbers/registration, an effort will be made to identify and contact the owner. If not, the equipment will be removed and safely stored until County policies allow for disposal.


It is prohibited to solicit or conduct commercial business on or from park property unless previously authorized in writing by the County. Commercial fishermen are permitted to use the park to launch or retrieve their vessels. Businesses such as dive boats, water taxi services, etc. that would result in increased traffic flow in the park are prohibited with the exception of those permitted by contract with the County.

Park Rangers and Palm Beach County Sheriff staff are frequently stationed in the park for the protection and safety of visitors. In the event of an emergency or other serious enforcement or safety related situation, please contact these individuals or call 911.

The park is an excellent location for anglers to test their saltwater skills in the beautiful waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon. Fishing is permitted in several locations including a large pier and two smaller fishing platforms located on the west side of the park. Fishing is prohibited in the designated swimming area, boat ramps and docks.

Fish cleaning is only permitted at the four authorized fish cleaning stations located on the fishing pier and along the bulkhead. It is the responsibility of the fisherman to clean up and properly dispose all fish remains.

Fishing Regulations [external link]​

No person shall make such loud, excessive, unnecessary noise so as to create a nuisance. Noise is considered a nuisance where it produces actual physical discomfort or annoyance to persons of ordinary sensibilities.

Due to site constraints, there are a limited amount of spaces available in the park including 127 boat/trailer parking spaces and 206 regular parking spaces. Boat/trailer parking spaces are reserved for the exclusive use of tow vehicles with boat trailers. Vehicles not towing a trailer are required to use the regular parking spaces. Trailers are not permitted to be parked in the regular parking spaces.

  • After hours parking
    24-hour ramp access and parking available, boat trailer and tow vehicle parking permitted (24-hour period maximum). Boaters requiring more extended stay periods must utilize alternate parking location.
  • Capacity
    Once the facility reaches capacity, enforcement staff will temporarily close access to the park and direct prospective patrons to other locations. For safety reasons, vehicles will not be permitted to queue up at the park entrance to wait for the facility to reopen. When enough vehicles vacate the site, enforcement staff will reopen access.

Domesticated animals are permitted in designated areas but must be restrained at all times at a distance not greater than six (6) feet from their handler. Handlers are required to clean up and properly dispose of any waste produced by their animals.

Feeding animals is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Department Director.

The park offers a unique, year-round opportunity for swimming in the Intracoastal Waterway. A guarded swimming area provides easy water access for people of all ages. The adjacent beach lies in the shadow of the Blue Heron Boulevard bridge and offers the perfect opportunity to cool off from the hot sun! Swimming is prohibited outside the designated swimming area including from all docks, piers, bulkheads and boat ramps.

Phil Foster Park is open for public use from sunrise to sunset with the exception of the boat ramps that are open to the public 24-hours a day.​ After hours, the only patrons permitted in the park are those launching or retrieving their vessel from the boat ramps. All others in the park after hours will be considered trespassing and subject to enforcement action.


The Blue Heron Bridge area is internationally recognized by scientists, scuba divers, underwater photographers, and snorkelers for its abundance of unique marine life. Squid, octopus, spotted rays, and starfish are regularly seen. A snorkel trail made of limestone boulders and prefabricated reef modules spans a two-acre area in 6 to 10 feet of water. 600 tons of rock were used to build this artificial reef!Snorkeling Trail Project Overview 

View some tips for a safe snorkeling adventure.

While sport fishing is permitted within park property in accordance with Florida law, it is prohibited to harvest or possess any tropical fish or any tropical ornamental marine plant within Phil Foster Park and all waters lying within the boundary as listed in Rule 68B-42, F.A.C. 
Snorkelers and divers are welcome to enjoy the park's exceptional and extraordinary resource and help preserve tropical fish and marine life for others to enjoy. Use of knives or spear guns to capture fish in County park waters is not permitted. (Palm Beach County either owns or has management rights for most of the submerged area around the Blue Heron Bridge.Boundaries​

Any organization or individual requesting to remove tropical fish or invasive species that are otherwise prohibited per Rule 68B-42.001 F.A.C. must first obtain a Special Activity License (SAC) from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Commission (FWC). FWC will then contact the Department Director for final approval. The Department Director has the right to approve or deny any SAC on park property.

Diving is permitted from sunrise to sunset outside of the guarded swimming area. For information on how to obtain a permit for group night dives, call 561-966-6623.  

 Phil Foster Park Dive Instruction Permit

 Phil Foster Diving Area Map​

 Workers Comp Waiver​​​


BOAT LAUNCHING RAMPS - Boat Trailer Parking Permit
The park features two boat ramps that are provided for the short-term use of park patrons. Ramps are for launching and retrieving only. Due to the popularity of the facility, boaters are asked to only utilize the ramps as long as it is necessary to complete their business. Vehicles and trailers should be moved as quickly as possible from the loading area of the boat ramp. To assist with the launching and landing process, day docks are available for loading and unloading passengers and gear. When preparing for a launch, please use the temporary staging area provided in the parking lot. This will enable you to expedite the launching of your vessel.

Docks are provided in multiple locations for the short-term use of park patrons. Due to the popularity of the park, boaters are asked to only utilize docks as long as it is necessary to complete their business. The docks located on the east-side of the park adjacent to the boat ramps are designated as a temporary loading and unloading zone. For everyone's convenience, the maximum time you are permitted to use these docks is 10 minutes. Two sets of docks are located on the north-side of the park. The northwest dock is for PBSO use only. At sunset, boaters are asked to remove their vessels from this dock.

The park has designated a section of beach on the southwest corner of the park for launching and retrieving non-motorized vessels. This area is the only location authorized for this activity.

Boat ramps and the adjacent docks are available for launching and retrieving vessels 24-hours a day. However, no person shall dock and remain on or in any vessel moored at the docks between sunset and sunrise.

Motorized vessels are only permitted to launch or land at the two boat ramps located on the east side of the park. Non-motorized vessels may launch or land from the designated site located on the beach on the southwest corner of the park.

Vessels are not to be operated through any designated public swimming area. For the safety of the public, as well as protection for the local manatee population, boaters are asked to observe the operating speeds established for the Boating Safety Zones located throughout the Lake Worth Lagoon.

Florida Boating Laws [external link]


Phil Foster was considered a "pioneer" citizen in Riviera Beach. He was the owner of one of the area's first tourist courts. He lived in the area for 32 years prior to his death in 1917. The park was opened and dedicated in his memory in January 1953.