Be park smart. Please do not feed the animals.

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Help protect our wildlife.

Feeding wild or stray animals may seem like an act of kindness, but…

  • Animals that are fed can become aggressive and harass people and is a violation of county ordinance 04-22, section 8. Control of Nuisance Animals.
  • Wild or stray animals can become extremely territorial and bite the hand that feeds them. This can transmit disease.
  • Animals that become used to human contact are susceptible to disease, injury, and random acts of violence.
  • The survival skills of wild animals are threatened when they lose the ability to forage naturally for food. This can happen when they are fed by hand or when they eat food left out for stray or abandoned pets.
  • Stray animals will hunt and kill native wildlife, even when well fed.

Please do not feed wild or stray animals.