If you have played golf at a Palm Beach County Golf course in the past and you would like to reserve tee times online, you do not have to re-register. If you are having trouble logging in or if you do not know what your username and password are, please contact 561-963-6740 to obtain or reset your log-in information.



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We cannot thank you enough for your continued support of County golf courses over the years and past few months.  As we learn more about COVID-19 and as executive orders and conditions change, we continue to adapt operations with the goals of safely accommodating as many golfers as possible on the golf course each day and continuing to provide a high quality golf experience for our residents and guests. We realize you have had to make difficult decisions about your daily activities and the inherent risk to yourself and loved ones associated with each of those activities.  In trying to come up with the safest, most reasonable way to operate the golf courses, we too are faced with difficult decisions, most notably whether to require golfers to ride in a golf cart together while wearing a mask or to continue to allow single rider carts.

We understand that although current health recommendations advise that it is safe to ride in a cart with another person while wearing a mask, for various reasons some golfers feel more comfortable riding in a golf cart by themselves.  In order to continue to accommodate single rider carts for every golfer going forward through the winter months the price of golf would have to increase significantly beyond what we feel golfers could bear. We are also aware that many golfers would be comfortable, or even prefer, to ride together in a golf cart using the required safety measures if they are not from the same household. 

As a compromise, we will honor the requests of those golfers wishing to ride alone in a golf cart with a moderate surcharge, while encouraging golfers to ride together using the appropriate safety measures.  In order for us to do this we have had to reorganize our tee sheets and booking procedures.  Additionally, it is also necessary that we implement a no show fee to minimize the impact of those golfers that do not show up for their reserved tee time.  All of these changes are required to keep your County golf courses operating over the coming year and in the condition that you expect from them every day.