group pavilion 

Online and in-person Group Pavilion reservations have resumed as of September 30, 2020. Please note, we are accepting credit card payments only at this time. Due to the anticipated volume of in-person visits for reservations, it is strongly recommended that reservations should be made online​ when available to avoid lines and lengthy waits.

For information or assistance with reservations, please contact:
Oak Pavilion at West Boynton recreation – 561-355-1125
Westgate Pavilion at Westgate Park and Recreation Center – 561-694-5455
Governor Lawton Chiles at the South County Civic Center – 561-495-9813
All Glades/South Bay area pavilions – 561-992-9067
All other pavilions, contact Customer Service ​ 561-966-6611


  • Use of a pavilion requires that you follow all CDC guidelines and local emergency orders including current face mask requirements and that you practice safe social distancing at the pavilion or wear a mask when closer than 6 ft. Please note that pavilions are cleaned the morning prior to your use. Please practice good hygiene, frequent hand washing, and disinfecting practices during your rental as recommended by the CDC. For the most up-to-date COVID-19 information, please visit the Department’s COVID-19 Update page.
  • Parts of the ground area around Gail F. Nelson​ pavilion at Loggerhead Park will be used as a staging area for materials and equipment during the ongoing construction taking place at Loggerhead Marinelife Center until further notice.​
  • The use of balloons is now prohibited at the following beachfront parks: Carlin Park, Coral Cove Park, DuBois Park, Jupiter Beach Park, Loggerhead Park, Ocean Cay Park, Ocean Reef Park, Ocean Ridge Hammock Park, Peanut Island Park, Phil Foster Park, R.G. Kreusler Park, Ocean Inlet Park and South Inlet Park. Loggerhead Marinelife Center and Palm Beach County have committed to the prohibition of balloons at these parks in an effort to promote the safety and protection of sea turtles. Visit Loggerhead Marinelife Center​ to learn more about the dangers balloons pose to marine wildlife.

General Information
​​Check out our how-to video for reserving a group pavilionBefore making a reservation, please read and understand the rules and regulations listed below. If you have any questions or experience problems while reserving a group pavilion, please contact our Customer Service Office at 561-966-6611​ during regular business hours. Thank you.​


  • A permit is required for use of a group pavilion (Ord. No. 04-022, § 14,8-17-04; Ord. No. 2011-003, §12,2-15-11). Permits may be obtained for Daily or Special Event reservations.
  • Daily reservation bookings for group pavilions are intended for private parties or gatherings that are neither advertised nor open to the general public and do not exceed the capacity or limitations of the pavilion. 
  • Daily reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance. (Reservation requests for dates further out than 90 days may be accommodated with additional department review and approval. Please note that additional non-refundable fees are applicable for reservation requests more than 90 days)
  • Special Event reservation bookings are intended for, but not limited to events that are commercial in nature, fund raising, are open to the general public, have admission fees, involves selling of food or goods, or exceed the capacity or limitations of the pavilion. Special Event reservation requests can be submitted to the Special Events Section for permitting requirements and availability. A Special Events application may be obtained by visiting the Special Events Section’s web page.
  • Please note, the following pavilions are currently not available for reserving online. Please call the number listed to make a reservation:
    • Gail F. Nelson​ pavilion at Loggerhead Park – call 561-966-6611​
    • Sunset pavilion at Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park – call 561-966-6611
    • Governor Lawton Chiles Memorial pavilion at Governor Lawton Chiles Park – call 561-495-9813
    • Oak pavilion at West Boynton Park and Recreation Center – call 561-355-1125
    • Center Drive pavilion at John Prince Park – call 561-966-6611
    • Jupiter Farms pavilion at Jupiter Farms Park – call Jupiter Farms Residents, Inc. 561-510-0575 prior to calling customer service 561-966-6611
    • Westgate pavilion at Westgate Park and Recreation Center – call 561-694-5455
    • River pavilion at Riverbend Park – call 561-966-6611
    • Glades Pioneer pavilion at Glades Pioneer Park – call 561-992-9067
    • John Stretch pavilion at John Strecth Park – call 561-992-9067
    • Paul Rardin pavilion at Paul Rardin Park – call 561-992-9067
  • It is recommended that you visit the park to make sure the group pavilion you are interested in and surrounding amenities will meet your needs.
  • Group pavilion reservations are Rain or Shine. Refunds and reschedules are not offered for inclement weather. Please consider this when determining if a group pavilion venue is appropriate for your event. Please see the Group Pavilion Rental Fee Structure below​ for refund eligibility.​

Volleyball nets, volleyballs, and tug-of-war ropes:

  • Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis and in conjunction with a group pavilion rental only.
  • A $50.00 credit card or check deposit is required at time of pick up.
  • Equipment can be picked up during the week prior to your event date. Please call for availability.
  • Equipment must be returned by the following Tuesday after your event for a full return of deposit.
  • Equipment can be picked up and dropped off at:
    John Prince Park, 2700 6th Avenue South, Lake Worth, Florida 33461
    Operating Hours:
    Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
    Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

Locate a group pavilion for reservation:

List of parks with group pavilions

Locate a non reservable picnic area:

List of non reservable "first come, first served" picnic areas

Before making a reservation, please read and understand the rules and regulations​ listed below.
To make a reservation:
click here
Phone: 561-966-6611

Group Pavilion Rental Fee Structure
All prices are subject to change.

Weekday Rental

  • Pavilion $55 +tax
  • John Prince Park Center Drive Pavilion $70 +tax
  • Amusement Fee: $25 per vendor
    • Dunk Tank Fee: $15.00 (where permissible)

Weekend or Holiday Rental

  • Pavilion $155 +tax
  • John Prince Park Center Drive Pavilion $205 +tax
  • Amusement Fee: $25 per vendor
    • Dunk Tank Fee: $15.00 (where permissible)

Refunds or Reservation Change Requests

  • Requests for date or location changes will be honored up to 10 days prior to your event date. A $10.00 date/location change fee is applicable.
  • Requests for refunds for cancellations will be honored up to 30 days prior to your event date. A $10.00 cancellation fee for weekdays and $20.00 cancellation fee for weekend/holidays is applicable. 
    • Approved refund requests for cash or check payments may take up to 4 to 6 weeks for processing and check disbursement. 
  • Requests for refunds under 30 days or reservation changes under 10 days from your event date will not be honored for any reason; including the availability of other park amenities, cancellation of your event, rescheduling of your event and/or inclement weather.
  • Requests for refunds will not be honored for reservations that previously had a date/location change.

Rules and Regulations

The rules noted below are intended to safeguard county parks for the enjoyment of all.

  • Domesticated animals are allowed on park property except at beaches, pools, Riverbend Park, and other designated areas. Said animals must be restrained at all times at a distance not greater than six feet in length from their handler.​
  • The use of balloons is prohibited at the following beachfront parks; including all group rental pavilions and first come first serve picnic areas: Carlin Park, DuBois Park, Gulfstream Park, Juno Beach Park, Jupiter Beach Park, Loggerhead Park, Ocean Cay Park, Ocean Inlet Park, Ocean Reef Park, Peanut Island Park, South Inlet Park​.
  • No swimming or wading within a County park except at swimming pools and designated beaches.​
  • Pavilions and surrounding event site areas are to be returned to the Department in an “as was” condition.
  • Use of tents and/or canopies must be pre-approved by designated Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department staff.
  • No mechanical rides, water slides, or any form of activity that involves the use of continuous running water.
  • No objects are to be inserted into the ground with the exception of 2’ x 2’ directional signs mounted on surveyor stakes (no exception at Riverbend Park). Nothing is to be attached to trees or other vegetation or to park property (ie, nails, tape, staples, glue, etc.).
  • Refuse is to be deposited in trash receptacles. All directional signs and excessive refuse must be removed at the conclusion of your event. Trash bags and/or containers of trash are not to be left behind on the ground or tabletops. Note: Riverbend Park is a trash free park. Please do not leave any bags or containers of trash anywhere in the park.
  • Barbeque grills have been provided; additional grills are not permitted. Please extinguish all fires in cooking areas before exiting the park. Do not remove or dispose of hot coals from the barbeque grills.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in designated picnic areas only. Kegs are allowed only if you have been issued a permit for a pavilion. Beginning March 1, 2014, alcohol possession or consumption is not permitted in DuBois Park.
  • No firecrackers, torpedoes, rockets, or other fireworks or explosives of flammable material on park property.
  • Amplified Sound (i.e., bands, DJs, PA systems, large speakers, car stereos, etc.) must be approved for use; permit holders must obtain written permission from the Department for use of amplified sound where permitted. Please contact the Customer Service Office to inquire about having amplified sound added to your permit. When approved, amplified sound shall not travel beyond one hundred fifty (150) feet of the group pavilion.

  • Please note that amplified sound is not permitted at the following parks or at specific group pavilions within a park when indicated:
    Boca South Inlet Park
    Burt Reynolds Park
    Buttonwood Park
    Caloosa Park
    Carlin Park (*Beach Pavilion)
    County Pines Recreational Complex at Samuel Friedland Park
    Dyer Park
    DuBois Park
    Glades Pioneer Park
    Governor Lawton Chiles Memorial Park
    Haverhill Park
    John Prince Park (*Osborne Pavilion)
    Jupiter Beach (* Island Pavilion)

    Lake Ida Park East
    Lake Lytal Park
    Loggerhead Park
    Loggers’ Run Park
    Loxahatchee Groves Park
    Ocean Cay Park
    Ocean Reef Park
    Riverbend Park
    Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park (*Pond Apple  ​and Cypress Pavilions)
    West Boynton Park (*Oak Pavilion)​
    Westgate Park and Community Center

  • A small, personal music device (i.e., a radio or DVD player or small Bluetooth speaker) is acceptable for use at any group pavilion. Sound shall not travel beyond fifty (50) feet of the group pavilion.​
  • Any and all vendors and vendor activities must be identified on the permit that is issued for authorized use of a pavilion.
  • You MUST have your permit on hand at the time of your event. Please be prepared to present it upon request by Palm Beach County officials.
  • Under Florida law, data provided for permitting is public record. It will be released in response to a public records request.

Caterers and Vendors

Picnics or special events interested in employing vendors to provide various activities or services that may include catering, entertainment (clowns, bands, DJ’s, petting zoos), bounce houses, etc, may select from the Departments Customer Service Sections approved list of vendors. If you have a preferred vendor who is not currently listed they may contact Customer Service to inquire as to the requirements for becoming listed.

Please note the following amusement apparatus, equipment, rides and attractions are currently permitted within Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department facilities in conjunction with a permits for a Pavilion Rental.

  • Bounce Houses/Inflatable’s up to 30 feet in height
  • Climbing Wall
  • Reverse-Bungee Trampolines
  • Portable video gaming platforms
  • Pony Rides
  • Entertainers (clowns, magicians, DJ’s, etc)
  • Petting Zoos
  • Carnival Games (non-mechanized)
  • No other types of apparatus or equipment are permitted except when expressed permission has been received by the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department Director or designee.

NO WATER APPARATUS OF ANY KIND PERMITTED (water slides, slip n slides, pools, etc)
NO MECHANICAL RIDES OF ANY KIND PERMITTED (trains, ferris wheels, bucking bulls, etc).

Customer Service Vendor list

(Please note that the online list is updated on the first and third Tuesday of each month)​ 

A copy of the Vendors List is also available by contacting the Customer Service office at 561-966-6611 or by emailing Customer Service at ParksCustomerService@pbcgov.org.

When selecting from the list please note the vendor’s expiration date for their certificate of insurance.

Vendors interested in being added to the Customer Service Vendor list can see vendor registration below for further details.

Vendor Registration

Beginning October 1, 2015, all vendors offering services to customers with permitted group pavilion rentals must complete an application to register with the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department. A completed application will need to be submitted along with required documents and application fees for approval. Upon approval, the vendor will obtain a permit authorizing them to provide services on behalf of a customer whom has obtained a permit for use of a permitted group pavilion.

  • This application is for the purpose of obtaining a permit which allows your business to operate in conjunction with a permitted party/event at a group pavilion. Additionally, your business will be added to a list of approved vendors that may be contacted by permit holders with the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department; to provide services or sales of product for and during the permit holders permitted hours of use ONLY.
  • Allow five (5) business days for processing from date of receipt.
  • Applications are valid from October 1 to September 30.
  • An application fee of $50.00 is due upon submittal and/or renewal.
  • All vendor requirements are due at time of submittal and/or renewal.
    • Current Copy of Commercial Insurance Liability Certificate
  • Vendor is responsible for ensuring they have met all federal, state and local requirements for operation of their business in the state of Florida and Palm Beach County. Vendors operating on County property are subject to review of pertinent licensing, certifications and inspection reports.
  • Expired requirements will result in suspension of the vendor permit and removal from the Approved Vendor list.
  • Additional fees and requirements may be applicable for activities permitted through Aquatics, Athletics, Special Events and Special Facilities.

Vendor Registration Application
Submit completed application to:  
Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation
c/o Customer Service
2700 6th Avenue South
Lake Worth, FL 33461

To submit by email or fax:

Email: ParksCustomerService@pbcgov.org
Phone: 561-966-6611
FAX: 561-963-6725

Special Functions

If your event includes fund-raising, is open to the public, has an admission fee, or involves selling (food, services or wares), your event will be classified as a Special Event. Special Events staff will evaluate your plans to determine if additional requirements apply.


The Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation Department offers a myriad of Oceanside, lakeside, and interior park locations for special events from Boca Raton to Tequesta. If you're planning a large social or fund-raising event, please contact our Special Events staff for permitting assistance.

Interested in holding your wedding ceremony on a beach or in a park, click here for complete information.

For the special events page, please click here.​​