​​​​​​​Ocean Cay Park 


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ocean cay park

NOTICE: The use of balloons is prohibited at this park.

2188 Marcinski Road
Jupiter, Florida 33477
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HOURS: Sunrise - Sunset

CLASS: Beach

ACREAGE: 13.44 acres

  • beach​ frontage, ​guarded
    • ​beach surf wheelchair is available; contact a lifeguard to arrange for use. Handicapped icon
  • bus shelter
  • fishing (saltwater)
  • parking
  • picnic pavilions, reserved group (Anita Lankler, Perry Como)
  • picnic shelters, family (4)
  • playground, including
    • play structure (ages 2-5 years)
    • play structure (ages 5-12 years)
  • restroom facilities
  • seating plaza
  • shower, outdoor
  • volleyball, sand courts (2)