Division Director

Motasem Al-Turk, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Division Director

Melissa Ackert, P.E.

Traffic Division Mission

To provide for the safe and efficient movement of traffic on roads under the jurisdiction of Palm Beach County through professional traffic engineering. To apply good engineering practices in designing and installing signalization, pavement markings, and signing. Also, to provide good engineering input to major road construction projects, land development, site planning and transportation planning.


​Flashing Yellow Arrow in Palm Beach County

In November 2019, Palm Beach County will be activating the first phase of the Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) left turn traffic signals at 8 traffic signalized intersections along and in the vicinity of Congress Avenue between Golf Rd. and Gateway Blvd. Although the FYA traffic signal has been used nationwide for over 10 years, including in over 100 locations in Florida, the FYA traffic signal is new to Palm Beach County. 

The FYA signal indication will replace the traditional solid circular green indication for the following two left-turn signal types:

  • "Permissive Only" where only a solid circular green indication is displayed and motorists must always yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before completing the left turn; and,
  • "Protected/Permissive" which is comprised of two parts, a "protected" left-turn phase initiated by a green arrow signal indication where oncoming traffic must stop and it is safe to turn left, followed by a "permissive" part during which a solid circular green signal is displayed and left turning traffic must yield to oncoming traffic.

During the FYA display, left turning drivers must yield to oncoming traffic and / or pedestrians in the crosswalk.

For more information on the FYA, please see the below links and document:

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Division Director

Motasem Al-Turk, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Division Director

Melissa Ackert, P.E.


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