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The Engineering & Public Works Department is responsible for administering the County’s Five Year Road Program and for Operation and maintenance of the County-owned roads, bridges, and the north and south inlet sand transfer plants.

Tasks involve, but are not limited to, developing and managing a road resurfacing program, guardrail maintenance program, patching potholes, operating county-owned bascule bridges, mowing rights-of-way, maintaining storm drain systems and their related drainage ditches. We maintain approximately 3500 lane miles of roadway, 2250 miles of sidewalk, 2500 acres of mowing, 40 miles of shellrock roads, and 3.5 miles of drainage canals/ditches.

To include approximately 300 bridges, 8 of which are bascule and 1 swing bridge, and maintenance of the guardrail throughout our county road system, traffic signals, and for the review of new residential and commercial developments. The Department is comprised of five Divisions: Construction Coordination, Land Development, Road & Bridge, Roadway Production, and Traffic. The services provided by these Divisions include:

  • Administration of design, permitting and bidding for construction of County roadways and bridges
  • Residential and commercial plat and plan review
  • Permitting of improvements within County Right of Way
  • Maintenance of County roadways and bridges
  • Operation of County bascule bridges
  • Coordination and Administration of construction on County roadways and bridges.
  • Right of Way acquisition
  • Administration of the County's MSTU program
  • Surveying for all county agencies
  • Vehicular and pedestrian traffic control
  • Traffic studies

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