Water Conservation

How can you be more water efficient?

Water is a finite natural resource, there are things we can do every day to be more water efficient. Being careful with how much water we use helps make sure there's enough for everybody. 

Inside the Home

💧​ Report and repair leaking taps or toilets. 
💧​ Take shorter showers. 1 minute less in the shower = 1 bucket of water saved.
💧​ Turn the tap on only as you need it.
💧​ Thaw frozen foods in the fridge rather than placing them under running water.
💧​ Wait for a full load of dishes before turning on the dishwasher.
​💧​ Consider installing water-efficient appliances at home.
💧​ Washing clothes in cold water saves water and energy. 

Outdoor Landscaping

💧 Use watering cans or trigger nozzles on hoses so you water only those areas that need it.
💧 Use an automatic sprinkler system with a timer if possible, making sure to water early morning or late evening to offset evaporation. 
💧 Wash your car on the lawn so that you water the grass at the same time, or use a car wash. 
💧 Use a broom rather than a hose to clean driveways and ​​pathways.
💧 Applying mulch around plants can save up to 70% of water lost through evaporation.
💧 Remove weeds from the garden that take water from the plants you want.
💧​ Plant native plants and shrubs. Native plants require less water. 

Track your Daily Water Usage and Receive Usage Alerts

Sometimes spikes in water usage can mean leaks or other plumbing problems need to be fixed, so being alerted early can help you keep your water bills low. PBCWUD customers can track their individual water usage by logging in to the PBCWUD Customer Portal​. This account also allows customers to set up usage alerts.​ ​