​Where does the data from the AMI go?

The data is encrypted and will be transmitted securely, allowing electronic reading remotely, eliminating the need for visual inspections in most cases. Our Customer Service Center will be able to provide you with your water usage throughout the billing cycle, allowing you to adjust your water consumption as needed.

Will the AMI device's data transmittal affect other electronic devices in my home or business?

The data is submitted via radio frequency that is weaker than a typical cordless phone. It will not impact the use of devices in your home or business, or utilize your own data network.

Are there any potential adverse health effects caused by the AMI meter?

Numerous industry and independent studies have shown smart meter technology to be very safe. In fact, smart meter devices, at a distance of 10 feet, has only 1/100th of the radio frequency field of that emitted by a laptop computer. Likewise, cell phones, Wi-Fi​ transmitters and microwave ovens also emit a much greater radio frequency density. On average, 99.999% of smart meters transmit for less than one minute per day. For more information and to view the results of studies performed on smart meters, visit sensus.com/rf.

Will AMI change my water bill?

In some instances, residents with older meters in need of repair will experience a change in their bill due to the accuracy of the new technology. This efficient and accurate data from your daily water use will be available to you by calling our Customer Service Center at 561-740-4600.