Historical Perspective

Originally approved in 1999, the Adult Entertainer Work ID requirement was established to ensure that persons performing in adult entertainment establishments are at least 18 years of age.  While the Work ID requirements have remained in place, there has been growing concern about the rise in human trafficking. 

According to the Polaris project, Florida is ranked in the top 3 states in the country and Palm Beach County is ranked 3rd in the state for calls made to the National Human Trafficking hotline. In response to this heightened local concern surrounding Human Trafficking and ways to increase awareness about help to victims, adult entertainers are made aware of reporting methods and resources available during the application process. 

The Palm Beach County Public Safety Department, Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is responsible for administering the Work ID program.  Approximately 1,000 adult entertainer applications are processed annually.  More than 14,000 Work ID Badges have been issued since the inception of the program.