On August 23, 2022, the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners approved revisions to the County's Towing Ordinance to include regulatory and licensing requirements for Immobilization companies.


Immobilization shall mean the act of installing a mechanical device to a parked vehicle or  vessel so as to prohibit the usual manner of movement.
Immobilization operator shall mean the person who is responsible for placing the immobilization device on the vehicle or vessel.
Immobilization company engages in the activity of immobilization for compensation. As used in this ordinance, an operating permit does not mean a municipal or county business tax receipt.

All immobilization companies which desire to operate in Palm Beach County must secure an operating permit from the Palm Beach County Consumer Affairs Division. Immobilization companies must secure an operating permit within ninety (90) days from the effective date of the ordinance revision.

Each operating permit issued pursuant to this section shall be valid and effective for one (1) year, beginning on January 1st and terminating on December 31st of each year. Failure to submit an operating permit application and the required nonrefundable fee for renewal by September 30th of each year will result in the assessment of a nonrefundable late fee. All fees shall be established by a resolution of the Board.

All operating permits shall be renewed annually.

Review the new ordinance here: Towing & Immobilization Ordinance



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