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Looking for a short-term commitment? Foster a select dog for 2-6 weeks so they can be rescued by Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League and join their adoption program. Please stop by in person to learn about and meet the select dogs in this program and fill out the foster application. Supplies Provided!

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Looking to adopt but want to make sure the pet is a good fit for your family? Foster before you adopt! You can foster a pet for up to 3 weeks before officially adopting. Please stop by in person to meet all of our adoptable dogs and complete the adoption application. You can view all of our adoptable dogs on our SNAP website.

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Help the animals in our community get healthy and enter our adoption program (Petpals) by providing nourishment and love for a short time. Foster underweight kittens or dogs experiencing kennel cough (CIRD) symptoms until they are eligible for adoption. Supplies Provided!

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Become an extension of our shelter! To alleviate the stress that the shelter can create for a pet, you can foster a pet of your choosing and help him/her find their family. By taking your foster pet to pet-friendly areas, networking them on social media, talking to friends and family about them, you can provide a stress-free environment while getting your foster pet adopted. Please stop by in person to meet all of our dogs and complete the foster application. You can view all the dogs available for the Foster2Family program on our SNAP website. Supplies provided! Please note that all adoptable dogs are eligible for our Foster2Family program.

We are located at 7100 Belvedere Road, West Palm Beach FL 33411.
Animal viewing hours:
Monday-Friday: 12-6
Saturday: 12-5
Sunday: 12-4

Foster parents provide temporary housing, care, and love for a kitten, cat, or dog until they are ready for a home. The joy you will experience when one of your foster pets find a loving home far outweighs the little bit of heartbreak in letting them go.

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Foster parents can be any age! Students can even earn volunteer hours being a foster parent.

  • ​Most pets needing foster parents are neonatal kittens, adult cats, and adult dogs. Puppies and dogs under 35 lbs are typically sent to rescue shortly after arriving at our shelter.
    • Your community/neighborhood HOA (or landlord if renting) allow the breed and size of dog you're intending to foster.
    • If the dog or cat that you are fostering is a healthy adoption-approved pet (we will let you know), please actively seek placement for him/her by promoting him/her.
    • We are not fostering dogs at the moment.
  • You must be a Palm Beach County resident and be able to show proof of residency.
  • ALL of your dogs & cats in your home must be current on their Rabies vaccines and Palm Beach County license tags. *Personal pets must be kept separate from your foster pet.
  • Foster pets often have a history of which Animal Care & Control is unaware. You must report medical and behavioral issues to the foster coordinator and/or clinic staff immediately.
  • We ask that you make a 2 week to 2-month commitment to foster.
  • Please be on time for foster re-check appointments, which may be as frequent as every two weeks.

​​If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent, click the paw!​​ ​

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#HealthyHome Foster

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What is a #HealthyHome Foster?
Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control (PBCACC) is seeking caring foster parents for shelter animals. A #HealthyHome Foster is a human who chooses to care for a shelter animal to increase their chances of adoption. Due to overcrowding at the shelter, PBCACC is seeking foster homes for healthy dogs in our adoption program.


How much does it cost to become a #HealthyHome Foster?
It's FREE! PBCACC supplies medical, food, collar, leash and a crate. You supply the #Love!


What if I have pets at home?
It is important to keep your #HealthyHome Foster separate from your personal pets in your home. Please remember that we do not know the full history or behavior of our shelter dogs as most arrive at the shelter as strays. It is also crucial to keep your #HealthyHome Foster separate from your personal pets since they can be incubating canine infectious respiratory diseases.


How long will a #HealthyHome Foster need fostering?
We are asking #HealthyHome Fosters to commit to a minimum of two (2) weeks of love, cuddles, happy faces and wagging tails.


What if I fall in love with my #HealthyHome Foster?
We would LOVE if your #HealthyHome Foster found their #FureverHome with you! Great news – as a #HealthyHome Foster, you get first dibs on adoption! You won't even have to come back to the shelter! Just send us an email to PSD-ACCSupport@pbcgov.org letting us know you want to adopt your #HealthyHome Foster!


How can I help?
We are so happy you asked! Please visit our SNAP adoption website by clicking here to view our dogs in need of a #HealthyHome Foster! (If you see *** next to a dog's name, it means they are currently in a #HealthyHome Foster). Once you have chosen a dog, fill out the adoption application here and email it to our team at PSD-ACCSupport@pbcgov.org. Please be sure to check the Healthy Home Program at the very top! Shelter staff will contact you once your application had been approved! Or, come in during our normal business hours to meet and choose your #HealthyHome Foster in person!