In 1992, by authority of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, a seven-member board was created to act as the Fire Rescue Advisory Board. It is composed of (7) members with expertise from following areas: professional community, financial community, building (construction) community, health services community, business community, and consumer. The appointments to these positions are for three year terms. These individuals serve without compensation or reimbursement for personal expenses.

The function of this board is to provide input on the effectiveness and adequacy of fire rescue services including, but not limited to:

  • level of service, capital improvement projects, and alternative funding mechanisms;

  • to provide an organized method for receiving citizen input on fire rescue services and creating a communication network for the recipients of the service;

  • to advise on existing and proposed services and growth and direction of the department as a whole; to assist with inter-governmental relations;

  • to develop a familiarity with the fire rescue delivery system in Palm Beach County and to act as an advocate to improve fire protection and emergency medical services throughout the County;

  • and to assist with problem-solving to remedy major policy issues or controversial topics in the community related to fire rescue as presented to the Board by the Fire Rescue Administrator.


 Board Members

Jay Littman - Retired, Business 

Jay Littman - Retired, Business

Titus Rich - Retired, Consumer   Lance Berkowitz - Retired, Business

Titus Rich - Retired, Consumer                       Lance Berkowitz - Retired, Business

George Heisel - Retired, Consumer   Tom Wenham  

                    George Heisel - Retired, Consumer                                                Tom Wenham - Retired, Government