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Palm Beach County Fire Rescue​ is a Class #1 ALL HAZARDS Fire & Rescue Department and one of the largest in the State of Florida. Our Firefighter/Paramedics​ respond to just about e​very emergency you can imagine - fire, medical, car accidents, hazardous materials or conditions, plane crash​es, aircraft emergencies, chemical spills, fuel spills, fire and arson investigations, water rescues, technical rescues, animal rescues, hurricane preparation, and response, and more!

​Quick Statistics on PBCFR:​

  • ​154​,024 911 calls for help each year
  • 51​ fire stations, including Palm Beach International Airport
  • Covering nearly 1800 square miles
  • 1810 employees

ISO Class 1 Department​

During FY 2022, the The ​Insurance Services Office (ISO), Public Protection Classification,​ completed its analysis of the structural fire suppression delivery system of PBCFR. The rigorous process has resulted in PBCFR proudly joining the nation's elite group of fire rescue departments with its new Class 1 PPC rating.

Residents and businesses within the unincorporated areas and municipalities served by PBCFR can enjoy more safety and peace of mind knowing they have the best fire and life safety protection available. Class 1 rated areas typically offer lower insurance premiums for residents and businesses.

The ISO rates fire departments from 1-10 based on their ability to “respond to and prevent fires" with 1 being the best rating. The Class 1 rating applies to properties located within five road miles of a fire station.​​​

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​​​Chief Herman W. Brice
Fire Rescue Complex
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
405 Pike Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33411-3815

Phone:  561-616-700​0​​

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