​Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for the budgeting, purchasing, maintenance, and repair of nearly 500 emergency fire apparatus and support vehicles in addition to 750 pieces of support equipment. Fleet Maintenance's two shops are staffed with certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians who have repeatedly earned the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Award. The Golden Palm award-winning fleet team identifies and executes in-house projects that increase safety, save taxpayer dollars, and improve efficiency. The Division performs over 800 preventive maintenance inspections per year to ensure that vehicles are safe, dependable, and meet NFPA compliance. Over 7,500 work orders and reports are processed annually, such as acquisition cost, fuel consumption, mileage, hours, and utilization of each vehicle. The fleet team provides constant support to ensure emergency operations personnel are ready to respond at a moment's notice.


Radio Shop

​The Radio Shop Communications Coordinator and five Electronics Technicians are responsible for 49 PBCFR stations and 29 municipal stations, available 24 hours a day. It supports the Communications Center, Palm Beach International Airport Station 81, Special Operations, the Tactical Command Unit, Trauma Hawk,  Public Safety, and special events using radio and other wireless communications equipment. Duties include budgeting, procuring, installing, repairing, and maintaining an estimated 1,900 radios, 1,200 pagers, ten 800Mhz repeater sites, eight pager repeater sites, two very high frequency (VHF) repeater sites, fire station alerting system (Locution), station and mobile data computers (MDCs), and other wireless communications equipment.


Warehouse & Logistics

The Warehouse and Logistics Division provides and manages firefighting equipment, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, personal protective equipment, uniform apparel, respiratory safety equipment, radio communications, vehicle parts, and fixed asset inventory. Warehousing includes the procurement, taking inventory of supplies and equipment, and outbound distribution to 49 fire stations. The Warehouse and Logistics staff effectively coordinates distribution of equipment and supplies to operational personnel in need.



Facilities staff maintain a safe environment for fire rescue personnel at 49 stations, Headquarters, and the Communications Center. Facilities Technicians oversee station maintenance repair and improvement requests and perform preventive maintenance inspections on fire rescue facilities and equipment. This section coordinates all construction management at-risk services for PBCFR's Comprehensive Fire Station Capital Improvement Program.



The Respiratory Protection Manager and two Specialists provide firefighters with Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), fit testing, Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) gear, compressed air, portable lighting, and gas detection monitors. Fit testing is an annual requirement to ensure the proper fit and protection level of three types of respirators assigned to personnel. The SCBA shop utilizes three testing stations for SCBA flow testing. This section also performs preventive maintenance, inspections, and repairs on all 665 breathing apparatus, 13 stationary and mobile air compressors, 1,800 cylinders, 1,400 masks, and over 300 gas monitors.


Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) supports over 1,700 PBCFR employees across 49 fire stations, the Airport, the Communications Center, Support Services, and Headquarters.  ITS ensures the continual operation of PBCFR's applications, servers, computers, and mobile devices. ITS also services eight municipal fire departments, supporting their in-vehicle hardware and system integrations with the PBCFR Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. Other responsibilities include application development and evaluation, web administration, network security, domain administration, mobile device management, and inventory control for approximately 750 desktop computers, 250 mobile computers, 150 tablets, 300 rugged laptops, and 350 cellular devices.​


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