Training and Safety​​


The Training and Safety Division provides various instructional opportunities throughout the year to meet the needs of PBCFR personnel. This includes training for newly hired employees attending the Recruit Academy, and for current operational employees.  

Operational employees maintain their required technical certifications through the Training Division.  The Division offers classes for personnel at fire stations and the Chief Herman W. Brice Fire Rescue Complex. The Division also distributes safety alerts and training modules online, to ensure that PBCFR personnel receive essential information promptly.

The Training Division processes requests from operational personnel who wish to pursue an Associate's or Bachelor's degree at local colleges and state universities. Four Officer Development Academies were held during FY 2023 for Battalion Chief, EMS Captain, Captain, and Lieutenants. The Division also hosted a department-​wide Officer's Forum on mental health for 349 officers.

Training Classes Offered

  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1/101 Update 
  • Incident Command Systems for Expanding Incidents 
  • All-Hazards Incident Management Team 
  • Special Operations Candidate School 
  • Statewide Emergency Response Plan 
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support/CPR 
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support 
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) 
  • Florida Urban Search & Rescue classes 
    • Structural Collapse 
    • Confined Space 
    • Trench 
    • Rope Rescue 
    • Vehicle Machinery Rescue (VMR) 
  • Florida Fire Inspector Series I 
  • Live Fire Training Instructor (LFTI) 
  • Florida Fire Officer Series I 
  • Florida Fire Officer Series II 
  • FEMA Strike Team Leader 
  • Search Culture 
  • LP Gas Emergencies 
  • Tesla Electric Vehicle Training 
  • Elevator Emergencies 
  • Driver Candidate School 
    • Refresher Driver School 
    • Emergency Vehicle 
  • Division of Forestry 
  • Aerial Operations 
    • 100’ aerial program 
  • Dive Rescue 
    • Open Water Dive 
    • Advanced Water Dive 
    • ​​Emergency Response Diver

​Recruit Academy

One of the essential responsibilities of the Training Division is to provide the initial orientation and training for new recruit firefighters. Each recruit must complete a rigorous 12-14 week program covering fire training, emergency medical services training, physical training, and vehicle machinery rescue training. 

During FY 2023, recruit classes 86, 87, and 88 were held, in which a total of 81 recruits graduated and began their career at PBCFR. The Probationary Development Coordinator evaluates all probationary firefighters at six and eleven months ensuring skills learned in the recruit academy are retained throughout their first year of employment. 


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