Rules and Regulations


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The rules noted below are intended to safeguard Riverbend Park and River Pavilion.​

  • Use of tents and/or canopies must be pre-approved by designated Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department staff.
  • No objects are to be inserted into the ground.
  • Generators are not permitted.
  • Nothing is to be attached to trees or other vegetation or to park property (ie, nails, tape, staples, etc.)
  • Riverbend Park is a trash free park. Please do not leave any bags or containers of trash anywhere in the park.
  • Amplified sound is not permitted (ie, bands, DJs, PA systems, large speakers, car stereos, boom boxes, etc.).
  • Inflatable structures and mechanical rides are not permitted (ie, bounce houses, waterslides, golf carts, etc.).
  • Barbeque grills have been provided; additional grills are not permitted. Please extinguish all fires in cooking areas before exiting Riverbend Park. Do not remove or dispose of hot coals from the barbeque grills.
  • No pets are permitted in Riverbend Park. Service animals are allowed.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in designated picnic areas only. Kegs are allowed only if you have been issued a permit for the River Pavilion.
  • All firecrackers, torpedoes, rockets, or other fireworks or explosives of flammable material are prohibited on park property.
  • All park facility rules and regulations apply to River Pavilion. Please refer to Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Ordinance for details.
  • Any and all vendors and vendor activities must be identified on the permit that is issued for authorized use of River Pavilion.
  • You MUST have your permit on hand at the time of your event. Please be prepared to present it upon request by Palm Beach County officials.​
  • Please note that your security deposit will be returned to you provided River Pavilion is left in a clean and orderly condition and the above rules are followed.