What Does the Palm Beach County Advisory Committee on Behavioral Health, Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders do?

The Palm Beach County Advisory Committee on Behavioral Health, Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorder (BHSUCOD) was established by the Board of County Commissioners in November 2022 to enhance the County's capacity and effectiveness in formulating comprehensive, integrated, and effective behavioral health, substance use and co-occurring disorders prevention, treatment, support, and recovery policies. 

The BHSUCOD is to also offer recommendations regarding the County's provision of services to the citizens of Palm Beach County.  It is expected to increase the coordination and interactions between organizations, agencies and institutions whose mission is to resolve Substance Use and Behavioral Disorders in Palm Beach County.

The BHUSCOD has the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Collect information related to substance abuse disorders in the County and provide that information to the BCC, along with recommendations on responding to the opioid epidemic, as provided in section 17.42, Florida Statutes (2022).
  2. Submit to the BCC by October 1 of each year the BHSUCOD Annual Report or Response Plan Update, which shall evaluate mechanisms for behavioral health and substance use disorder services and recommend any changes that may improve the quality, long-term recovery outcomes, and coordination of these services.
  3. If requested by the BCC, provide recommendations on positions the BCC may take on local, state and federal legislation.​

​Palm Beach County BHSUCOD 

Advisory Committee Meeting Updates and Schedules

Please note an Executive Committee Meeting of the Palm Beach County Advisory Committee on Behavioral Health Substance Use
and Co-Occurring Disorders (BHSUCOD) is scheduled for:
Monday, May 13, 2024
2:00 pm
 This is an in-person meeting to be held at:  
The Hanley Resource Center
First Floor Auditorium
933 45th Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

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Prevention and Education Committee

To include, but not limited to, establishing prevention and harm-reduction activities and education for residents in schools and committees.

Treatment and Recovery Committee

To include, but not be limited to, establishing a coordinated Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC); integrated behavioral health; expanding Peer Recovery Support Services (e.g. Recovery Community Organization/Recovery Community Centers - RCO/RCCS); access to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT); and creating a neutral care coordination entity.

Public Policy Committee

To include, but not be limited to, indentifying, reviewing and monitoring related public policies and legislation; and engaging, educating and informing public officials, key strategic partners and consituency members in advancing sound public policy.

Justice System and Public Safety Committee

To include, but not be limited to, supporting and enhancing operational strategies for First Responders, Mobile Response Units, expanding diversion services to decrease criminalization; increasing access to nalaxone; and collaborating with law enforcement and public safety organizations.

Evaluation and Monitoring Committee

To include, but not be limited to, implementing a Recovery Capital Instrument (RCI); measuring and tracking treament outcomes across the care continuum using advanced alaytics to establish evidence-based best practices; increasing Committee member participation in monitoring publicly funded treatment and recovery programs and services.

Essential Services Committee

To include, but be limited to, advancing social determinants of health such as food, housing, employment, education, access to medical care, and the collateral consequences of criminal justice involvement.

Faith-Based Committee

To include, but not be limited to, advancing inter-faith understanding of mental illness and substance use disorder and the important role of faith communities in a recovery oriented system of care environment.

Addiction Stabilization Unit (ASU) Committee

Responsible for working with the Palm Beach County Health Care District to review ASU patient care and related matters as as make recommendations related to such when appropriate.

Subcommittee Schedule

Meetings will be facilitated for 30 minutes via Zoom
Meeting ID: 843 8025 3122
Passcode: 931704
Invite Link: click here

Subcommittees 1 through 4 

​​March 20 and March 21, 2024 meetings have been canceled.

​Prevention and Education
​1:00 PM
​Treatment and Recovery
​2:00 PM
​Public Policy
​3:00 PM
​Justice System & Public Safety
​4:00 PM

Subcommittees 5 through 8 


March 20 and March 21 meetings have been canceled.​

​Evaluation and Monitoring
​1:00 PM
​Essential Services
2:00 PM​
3:00 PM​
​Addiction Stabilization Unit (ASU)
​4:00 PM

Upcoming Agenda/Public Notice
Prior Meeting Minutes
Additional Information
Public Notice and Agenda January 17&18, 2024 
Subcommittee Minutes December 6&7, 2023
Subcommittee Meeting Schedule 2024