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Before Zoning staff commenced analysis of uses regulated by the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), the Zoning Division solicited public input on Article 4, Use Regulations for one use classification at a time.

Comments were accepted through surveys for the use classification listed below within the dates indicated. Your comments have been used for the analysis of uses and may be included in the attachments of a Subcommittee packet.

Use Classification:  Industrial

Open for Comments:  May 7, 2012; September 6, 2012,

Closed for Comments:  May 26, 2012; September 28, 2012

Comments Received:   Industrial

Use Classification:   Recreation

Open for Comments:   April 3, 2013

Closed for Comments:   April 19, 2013

Comments Received: Recreation

Use Classification:   Residential

Open for Comments:   October 31, 2013 

Closed for Comments:   November 22, 2013

Comments Received: Residential

Use Classification:   Utilities and Excavation** (1)(2)

Open for Comments:    February 3, 2014

Closed for Comments:   February 21, 2014

Comments Received:   Comments Not Provided

Use Classification:   Commercial**(3)

Open for Comments:   April 21, 2014 

Closed for Comments:   May 30, 2014

Comments Received: Commercial

Use Classification:   Public and Civic

Open for Comments:   July 14, 2014

Closed for Comments:   August 1, 2014

Comments Received: Public and Civic

Use Classification:   Agriculture

Open for Comments:   October 1, 2014; April 6, 2015

Closed for Comments:   October 31, 2014; April 24, 2015

Comments Received: Agriculture





  1. Please be advised that although comments on excavation uses may be submitted for consideration, the county is currently anticipating only minor changes in reformatting of excavation standards.
  2. Recycling Plant is not included in this survey as the use was relocated to industrial uses.
  3. Be advised that Adult Entertainment use is not included in the Commercial Uses survey. The County is anticipating only minor changes in reformatting this use.


Public involvement can be accomplished through: