​​​​​​​​Development​ Review

Monica E. Cantor
Principal Site Planner

The Development Review Section is responsible for:

  • Processing applications subject to the Development Review Officer (DRO) approval, including Development Orders approved by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) or Zoning Commission (ZC) that need to be finalized and are not submitted within two months of the Board approval; and,
  • Coordinating the review of DRO applications with multiple County government agencies.

DRO Applications include: Uses indicated as "D" in Use Matrices; Thresholds in Art. 4.A.9.A, DRO; Amendments to approved plans; Concurrent Reviews Type 2 or Type 3; Development Order Abandonments Approved by the DRO; Type 1 Waivers; Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs) of two units per acre or less; Temporary Uses; and, Project name changes.