​In 2020, Palm Beach County conducted a comprehensive review and evaluation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) updated preliminary coastal flood insurance rate maps (FIRMs) as well as the underlying data and assumptions utilized to develop the preliminary FIRMs. The County reviewed and evaluated the data and methods used by FEMA and its contractor(s) for the preparation of the coastal FIRMs within eastern Palm Beach County, identified technical issues and concerns with flood modeling and mapping methodologies, and provided recommendations regarding future coordination with FEMA.

Modeling to Support an Appeal of FEMA Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps

Based on coordination with FEMA to date, it does not appear likely that the technical issues and concerns identified during the County’s review and evaluation of the preliminary FIRMs (see above) will be resolved unless additional information is submitted to FEMA as part of a formal appeal. In 2021, Palm Beach County initiated the development of technical information for use during future FEMA coordination and to support the submittal of a formal appeal, if directed by the Board of County Commissioners, of proposed changes to flood hazard information within FEMA’s preliminary FIRMs and Flood Insurance Study for eastern Palm Beach County, published in December 2019.


IMPORTANT NOTICE - Information found on this website on flood zones, Elevation Certificates, and Letters of Map Amendments is provided strictly as a public service, and is subject to change. Prior to purchase of or construction on a property, flood information should always be confirmed with an official flood zone determination, through securing the services of a Florida Licensed Engineer, Architect, or Surveyor.