​​​​Frequently Asked Questions - Natural Areas Beach


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The Natural Areas Beach looks beautiful. What do I need to know about the vegetation and the Flushing Channels to help keep it looking nice?

The Natural Areas Beach was restored to its natural beauty recently by the park's designers and environmentalists. All of the exotic plants were removed and the natural vegetation - mangrove trees, seagrapes, grasses - are flourishing. All plants and animals, including marine plants and animals, are protected by special regulations from the county, state, and federal governments. Please help the island's environment thrive by exercising care when visiting.

Can I keep my boat on the Floating Docks while I enjoy the Natural Areas Beach?

The Floating Docks are only for day use, sunrise to sunset, first come, first served. You may keep your boat anchored during your visit. Please don't tie it to the trees or plants or create a tripping hazard for others with your anchor line.

There are so many fish in the Channels and around the Floating Docks. I even saw some manatees. Is it OK to fish off the Docks or in the Channels?

Please help protect this very unique estuarine habitat by not swimming, fishing, or throwing cast nets from the dock or in the channels. An important part of creating a beautiful park and enhancing the environment around it is protecting those plants and animals that use the park. Just like the visitors that come to camp and enjoy the park and its surroundings, so to are the marine animals attracted. We want to do everything we can to coexist in harmony with the island and all of its visitors - above and below the water.

​​Are there any facilities available in the Natural Areas Beach?

There are bathrooms, an outdoor "bathing suit" shower, and a pavilion with tables and grills available for Natural Areas Beachgoers.