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We ask that no vessel be operated through any Designated Swimming Area, (Tidal Basin), or Lagoon. For the safety of the public, as well as protection for the local manatee population, please observe the Boating Safety and Manatee Protection Zones that surround Peanut island and posted throughout the Lake Worth Lagoon.
Florida Boating Laws



The park is an excellent location for anglers to test their saltwater skills in the beautiful waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon. Anglers are invited to use the Fishing Pier located on the northeast side of the island. This special facility is open for fishing twenty-four hours a day. There's no better way to enjoy a relaxing day (or night) of fishing! While fishing is permitted in most areas of the park, anglers are reminded the activity, including cast netting, is prohibited in Designated Swimming Areas and on all Docks (including Floating Docks), Boardwalks, and Observation Areas.
Fishing Regulations



The park offers a unique, year-round opportunity for swimming in the Intracoastal Waterway. Swimming area is currently guarded on weekends only​. Located on the southeast side of the island, the guarded beach is the perfect place for families to enjoy the refreshing salt waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon. Adjacent to this beach is a guarded snorkeling lagoon that features a floating swim platform for the observation of shallow-water reef habitat. It's a special facility you won't want to miss! For your safety, swimming and/or diving is prohibited from all docks, piers and bulkheads. Glass containers are prohibited in the snorkeling lagoon.