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Florida Boating Laws

Can I use the Boat Dock?

Yes. The slips on the Boat Dock are available without charge during daylight hours (sunrise to sunset) on a first come, first served basis. If you leave temporarily, please take your mooring lines with you. Slips cannot be reserved by leaving your lines behind. Please take the next available slip when you return. After dark, only campers in the Reserved Campground may keep their boats at the dock. Day visitors are welcome to stay in the park and continue to enjoy their activities by moving their boats to the beach or anchoring out and coming ashore.

I know it is after dark but my family just started cooking at the picnic table - some of them are going to eat on the boat. I'll only be another hour. What can I do?

Please plan your activities to help us with the Boat Dock. There are only a limited number of slips available. Exclusive use of the Boat Dock after sunset is one of the benefits reserved for the enjoyment of our registered campers.

I willl be glad to pay you for a slip or register as a camper just so I can use the dock. I have a nice boat and I want to sleep on it - not in a tent.

The park does not rent slips. Slips are provided as a benefit to campers who are staying with us in the campground. There are several very nice marinas surrounding Peanut Island that can provide slips for transients. Boaters are always welcome to anchor out or beach their boats and come ashore as they have traditionally since the island was created.

I have a big boat that just won't fit in a slip but it will fit just fine on the end of the dock. Why can't I tie up there?

The end of the Boat Dock (the Floating Dock) is a temporary (ten (10) minute limit) loading and unloading zone for everyone's convenience. It provides handicap access for the island and is also used by enforcement vessels and park boats for official business and must remain available at all times. If your boat is too large for the dock, please anchor out and come ashore with your dinghy like larger vessels have traditionally done over the years.

Why can't I fish at the Boat Docks, Lagoon, or Tidal Basins?

For everyone's safety, please do not fish or throw cast nets at the Boat Docks, Lagoon, Tidal Basin, or Flushing Channels. The dock can be a very busy place as visitors come and go. Most are barefooted. Dead fish, old bait, discarded fishing line and hooks can be a problem. For everyone's safety, the park asks that visitors fish and use their cast nets only from the Fishing Pier or the shore (where appropriate).

Can I swim or snorkel around the Boat Dock or off my boat while it is moored at the Boat Dock?

Please do not swim or snorkel around the Boat Dock or your boat even if it is moored at the dock. Peanut island can be a very busy place, even when it seems slow. Boats and other watercraft can appear suddenly and not be aware of your presence. For everyone's safety and peace of mind, swim and snorkel only in appropriate areas!