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Daggerwing Nature Center first opened in the fall of 1996, and then re-opened in the spring of 2008 after a massive expansion and renovation project that included a 3,000-square-foot exhibit hall. The new exhibits take visitors on a journey that begins under the ground, continues under water, and rises above the surface all the way up to the canopy of a swamp. Interactive exhibits, live animals, sloped flooring, and oversized features create a storybook-like experience for visitors, all while learning about this unique swamp habitat. 


  • Below the Surface (with live aquatic turtles)
  • Insect Zone (with a “bee car”)
  • Seasonal Wet Environment (with live alligator, frog, and snapping turtle)
  • From the Ground Up (with live box turtle)
  • Tree Tunnel (with a live screech owl)
  • Plant Parts/Leaf Rubbing Station (make a leaf rubbing to take home)
  • Conservation Corner (learn how you can do your part)

Take a look at the photos below of our new state-of-the-art exhibit hall!


exhibit hall 
exhibit hall  
exhibit hall