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During the month of April, Daggerwing Nature Center is proud to exhibit an artwork display called “Color Me Florida” from local painter Sirce Kwai.
Florida is filled with the light spectrum vibration called Yellow. 
This light filters how we see colors. Floridian colors are 'high' key and intensely saturated. Compare this to the grayer paintings of more muted colors of Northern habitats and now you'll know why famous artists gravitated to the south of France for the yellow light. 
This light creates irresistible blue-greens and shocking yellows against dense blue skies. 
Although Floridians do not experience the dramatic shift between seasons that Northerners do, we enjoy small bursts of new leaf buds and power flowers popping out. 
This exhibit is dedicated to the color of yellow in nature and to the return of the spring sun, shining high spectrum vibrations upon our verdant Earth.​


Attention teachers, photographers, and painters! Daggerwing has an art gallery where we display nature-related photos, paintings, and other artwork by students and local artists. Framed, matted, mounted, or un-mounted, we can display art of most sizes on our cable system!   

Exhibit Dimensions:

Left panel - 44” wide;  Center panel - 38 ½” wide;  Right panel - 44” wide.  Vertical distance from cable to cable is 18”. 

Artwork is typically displayed for one month.  If you’re interested in exhibiting your artwork, please contact the nature center. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

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