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Kirsten Hines is a wildlife photographer, author and conservationist based in Coconut Grove, Florida. Growing up in the Philippines, she watched metropolitan Manila engulf coastal villages and rural landscapes.  As the last brilliantly colored bird from her yard fell to a stranger’s slingshot, her love of nature transformed into a passion for environmental conservation.  Drawing from this inspiration and from her education as a biologist, Kirsten’s photography highlights nature and wildlife around the world, as well as closer to home where she aims to inspire the re-greening of South Florida’s urban corridor.  Her photography illustrates several of her published books, including the award-winning titles Birds of Fairchild, and Attracting Birds to South Florida Gardens, and more recently, Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park.  Kirsten’s photography has also appeared in Shutterbug, Expressions, Audubon, various nature photography showcases, public art programs, and both solo and juried exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally.  The photographs on exhibit here are from her upcoming coffee table book Wild Florida: Animals of the Sunshine State to be published by the University Press of Florida in 2023.  Learn more about Kirsten and her work at www.KirstenHines.com​
I have always been inspired by nature.  The plants and animals in my childhood yard in the Philippines hosted many an adventure and led me to a master’s degree in biology.  But somehow important issues, stories and even the wildlife I so adored lost their magic when defined by columns of scientific numbers.  I now strive to convey environmental issues and stories through my writing and photography, without sacrificing the magic.  I seek to provide an intimate perspective on nature in South Florida and from around the world, reflecting wildlife, their behaviors, and habitats both in an unaltered documentary-style and in a more in a more interpretive abstract style achieved in-camera to convey the emotional experience.  I minimize post-processing and avoid digital manipulation both in an attempt to stay as true to the moment as possible and because nature is impressive without human intervention.  With my photography and writing, I aim to lure viewers more deeply into the natural world than they might venture on their own.  I hope to inspire curiosity, concern, and a passion to act on behalf of the natural world with which our fates are so intimately linked.


Attention teachers, photographers, and painters! Daggerwing has an art gallery where we display nature-related photos, paintings, and other artwork by students and local artists. Framed, matted, mounted, or un-mounted, we can display art of most sizes on our cable system!   

Exhibit Dimensions:

Left panel - 44” wide;  Center panel - 38 ½” wide;  Right panel - 44” wide.  Vertical distance from cable to cable is 18”. 

Artwork is typically displayed for one month.  If you’re interested in exhibiting your artwork, please contact the nature center. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

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