Frequently Asked Questions - Snorkeling


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Are glass bottles OK in the Lagoon area?

The lifeguards ask that you not bring any glass containers into the Lagoon area for safety reasons. There are trash containers located at the entrances to the Lagoon for your convenience.

Are the Chiki Huts available for anyone to use?

Like all of the picnic facilities in the park, the Chiki Huts are available on a first come, first served basis from sunrise to sunset.

Can I use my own small, portable grill under the Chiki to cook?

No - but be mindful of the wind and weather conditions and keep all grills a minimum of ten (10) feet from the edge of the thatch roofs. Remember that, although specially treated to be fire-resistant, the Chiki Huts are still flammable so keep your grill fires small, under control, and a safe distance away.

I am not as physically able as I used to be but I still enjoy swimming. How can I get into the water at the Lagoon?

The natural sandy shoreline slopes gently down to shallow water for everyone to enjoy. Access to deeper water is available from Swim Platforms and Ladders located off the pathway that goes across the middle of the Lagoon.

Can I really see manatees in the Lagoon?

It depends on the time of year and temperature of the water. Manatees can be seen year round but during winter, manatees are a common site in the Lagoon. Just remember not to do anything that alters their natural behavior, if you see one. Please don't feed them, chase them, or frighten them in any way. They like the warmer waters of the Lagoon and are a thrill for everyone to see.

Can I see the manatees and other marine life without getting in the water?

There is an Observation Walkway along the outside of the Lagoon that provides an excellent viewing platform for marine like of all kinds. Please remember not to fish or throw cast nets from the Observation Walkway for you safety and so that the fish and other critters will be there for everyone to see next time.