Volunteering with Palm Beach County’s Art in Public Places Program offers a variety of opportunities to be involved in bringing public art to communities. Volunteers engage in a wide range of activities such as preparation and support of artist selections, planning art exhibitions, development of large scale public art commissions, and program administration. 

This opportunity is open to an adult with interest in Exhibition Development, Arts Management & Marketing, Art in Public Places and/or design-related fields. Strong organizational and written communication skills with experience in Microsoft Office is required. Hours are flexible between 7:00am-4:00pm weekdays, or as otherwise arranged. Ten hours/week is the minimum level of commitment expected of the selected individual(s). 

Visit http://pbcgov.co​​m/fdo/art to learn more about Palm Beach County's Art in Public Places Program, and https://discover.pbcgov.org/fdo/art/Pages/Internship-Program.aspx to learn more about the County's Art in Public Places Volunteer/Internship Program.


Interested individuals may submit a resume and cover letter directly to:

Elayna Toby Singer, Public Art Program Administrator at esinger@pbcgov.org


This opportunity will remain open until filled by the first responsive, qualified and authorized individual. 


 Intern Testimonials

Here’s what some of our past Interns have to say about their experience. Click on Intern’s name to read their full testimonial. 



Stephanie Fischer - "Through this internship, I have had a shift in perspective and have grown as an individual.”

Laura Atria - "I fell in love with the potential of turning a city into an artwork exhibition for everyone to see."

Giovanna Alvarez - "From sculptures and murals to landscape designs and courthouse plaques, projects that fall under the umbrella of Public Art are more diverse than most people realize."


Bari Arango - "prepared me for my future application and eventual attendance to a graduate program"


 David Nitz - "I felt like I got to dive into the history of our local art community"


Bethani Wells - "taking this internship this summer didn't just help out my résumé, but really grew me as an artist, a student, and as a person"

Flannery Winchester - "Elayna Toby Singer is an amazing and energetic mentor who challenges and encourages interns by exposing us to every aspect of the public art system."


Laura Wiswell - "I was able to understand all of the skills needed to become a successful team-player in the County's development and improvement through Public Art"​