​​Fly. Soar. Leap.

Palm Beach International Airport

DEADLINE:  June 24, 2022 at 11:59pm EDT 


Fly. Soar. Leap. Exhibition will feature artworks that convey uplift, forward movement, possibility, rising up.


August 12, 2022 - January 31, 2023

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1) Project Summary

Palm Beach County Art in Public Places (PBC AiPP) will commission up to twenty-three (23) student, emerging, and professional artists who reside in Palm Beach County, to transform ordinary traffic signal boxes (TSBs) into three- dimensional artworks. Selected artworks will be installed on Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) traffic signal boxes. Located in municipal and unincorporated Belle Glade, Pahokee and South Bay, TSBs are ideal “canvases" to enhance streetscapes, humanize the built environment, and foster a unique sense of place for residents and visitors to the Lake Region.

Artists are invited to create original art, in diverse media, inspired by contemporary and historical attributes of the Lake Region's natural and human-made environments, communities, recreational activities, education, arts, culture, industry and more. For additional information about the Lake Region see item 14 below.

Outside the Box offers a unique opportunity for artists to exhibit art outdoors in the public realm, even if their original artwork medium cannot withstand South Florida weather. Digitally translating images onto vinyl enables us to transform two-dimensional artworks into outdoor three-dimensional sculptures. Artists will keep their original artwork. PBC AiPP encourages artists interested in taking the leap from studio art to public art, and those who create site-specific works, to apply.

This Call to Artists is the second phase of the Outside the Box community public art project. In July 2020 a total of twelve (12) artworks were installed on County TSBs, eleven (11) in Belle Glade and one (1) in Pahokee. Click here to see images and a video of artworks from the project's first phase.

2) Artist Eligibility

Open to all artists residing throughout Palm Beach County. Artists younger than 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian co-sign the Agreement for Art Services, a sample of which is available upon request. Artists whose art was selected for the first phase of Outside the Box are not eligible to participate in this Call to Artists.

3) Art Design Goals

  • Art shall be inspired by and celebrate contemporary and historical attributes of the Lake Region such as the natural and human made environments, arts, culture, heritage, education, community, sports and other recreational activities, industry, etc.
  • Art shall enhance TSBs' surrounding environment and foster a unique “sense of place".

4) Art Design Criteria

When developing art designs, artists shall consider and be responsive to the following criteria to be eligible for award by the Finalist Selection Panel:

  • Art for all TSBs must cover all four sides.
  • Art design shall wrap all TSB sides for a continuous flow. Designs shall avoid using each TSB surface for a different image or concept.
  • Art may range from abstract to representational images.
  • Art shall include bold forms and vibrant colors that can be easily viewed by motorists.
  • Art shall use the TSB shape as an integral part of the design.
  • Art shall take into account vehicular and pedestrian sight lines to each TSB.
  • Art must be the artist's own original work created directly and personally by a particular artist and shall not be a copy or imitation.
  • Art must not contain representations of traffic lights, signs, signals, maps or other common driver instructional or wayfinding infrastructure and/or resource.
  • Advertising is not permitted under any circumstance.
  • Artist signature may be included in art, but shall not be visible from the roadway or otherwise cause distraction to drivers or bicyclists.
  • Except for the artist signature, art shall not include words or alphanumeric characters.
  • Art shall not contain logos, or trademarked products and/or images.
  • Art must conform to the template provided herein. Actual TSB sizes vary. Artists' acknowledge that art designs may be altered to accommodate TSB dimensions and installation.​

5) Artist Selection

Artist selection occurs in two phases. In the first phase, Shortlist Selection, up to forty-six (46) artists will be selected by the Shortlist Selection Panel based on images of artist's past work and other qualifications as outlined below.

In the second phase, Finalist Selection, up to forty-six (46) selected artists will develop one (1) concept art design to present to the Finalist Selection Panel who will select up to twenty-three (23) artists, and their concept art designs. After Finalist Selection, PBC AiPP will inform artists of the specific TSB location, dimensions and related size ratio for their artwork. Final artworks must be a minimum of 15" on all sides and proportionate to the size ratio of their assigned TSB.

After Finalist Selection PBC AiPP will seek approval from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for compliance of art design with FDOT criteria for roadside displays. After PBC AiPP receives FDOT approval, Finalist artists will enter into a contract with Palm Beach County to finalize their art design.

6) Artist Fees

Up to forty-sixty (46) artists who are chosen to present a concept art design to the Finalist Selection Panel, per Finalist Selection requirements, will receive $250. Up to twenty-three (23) artists chosen as Finalists to develop and finalize their art design will receive an additional $750, contingent upon FDOT approval and after PBC AiPP approves and receives the final artwork. The $750 is inclusive of all expenses for artist to finalize artwork.​​

7) Traffic Signal Box Locations in the Lake Region

PBC AiPP strongly recommends shortlisted artists visit TSB locations to gain insight into the context of the immediate surroundings and broader neighborhood near each TSB. All shortlisted artists will receive a packet of photos to provide some context of the surrounding views for all twenty-three (23) TSBs.

Example of a Traffic Box 

Photo on left is a sample TSB in the Lake Region. 

Ground mounted TSB dimensions range in width from 40"- 44" wide and range in depth from 27" - 29" and range in height from 53"- 69".

All pole mounted TSBs dimensions range in width from 30"- 40", in depth from 17"- 27" and in height from 50"- 59". 

8) Traffic Signal Box Concept Template

  • Artists must use concept template below to develop their concept art design.​ PBC AiPP will provide template to all shortlisted artists.
  • Actual TSB sizes vary.  Concept art designs may be altered by County to accommodate TSB dimensions.Traffic Box Template

9) Shortlist Application

To apply for this opportunity, sign up for a free CODAwork account at https://www.codaworx.com/register/. If you already have an account, you can log in. Use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Click on the person icon in the upper right corner, register with your email address, name and profession. Find the Call to Artists you are applying for under header: Artist Resources: All Open RFPs. You may save and return to your application before submitting it.

Submit your Shortlist Application online through CODAworx at: https://www.codaworx.com/rfp/outside-the-box/ - Use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

A complete Shortlist Application consists of the following:

Bio, Artist Statement or Resume (One Page. Accepted formats: pdf, doc, docx)

Letter of Interest (One Page. Accepted formats: pdf, doc, docx)

  • Express your interest in the project and address how your past artworks and experience demonstrate that you can successfully meet art design goals and criteria.

Images of Past Work (Image specifications: JPG, PNG, 300dpi, 5MB Max)

  • Up to five (5) images of past artwork.

Image Information

  • Title of work, location, budget, year completed, medium, dimensions

Criteria for Shortlist Selection

The Selection Panel shall select artworks based on the following characteristics:

  1. Art Experience / Education: 40 points
  2. Past Artwork Samples: 60 points

Prior to Finalist Selection, and following the Shortlist Selection, PBC AiPP will host informational sessions to answer shortlisted artist questions. Artists are strongly encouraged to attend one of the sessions offered at PBC AiPP's office in West Palm Beach, or at the Belle Glade Branch Library. Session dates and times are noted in the tentative schedule herein.

10) Finalist Selection

Shortlisted artists are invited to develop and present to the Finalist Selection Panel one (1) concept art design proposal laid out in accordance with the TSB concept template provided herein per Finalist Submittal requirements.

All concept art proposals shall address art design goals and criteria. Artists shall not propose art concepts currently displayed outdoors anywhere else in Palm Beach County.

A complete Finalist Submittal includes must be sent in one email to artsubmittal@pbcgov.org and include:

Concept Art Design Proposal Presentation (PowerPoint, Video, or pdf)

  • Please put your name on the first slide/page. Your presentation must include your concept proposal in the Traffic Signal Box template provided, along with whatever else you wish to include. You'll have five (5) minutes to present your concept to the Finalist Selection Panel.
  • Please name file: Artist's Last Name_First Name_Proposal Presentation

Proposal Narrative (One Page, pdf)

Narrative of art design concept shall include the following:

  • ​Title of Artwork
  • Medium of Artwork
  • Dimensions of Artwork
  • Narrative – Share a story about your proposed Artwork. What are the sources of inspiration for your artwork? How does your art design concept relate to historical and/or contemporary aspects of the Lake Region?
  • Specify which specific TSB location is envisioned, or most desired, for your concept art design. Proposed TSB locations will be considered by Palm Beach County's Public Art Administrator, but an artist proposing a TSB location does not guarantee that location assignment
  • Please name file: Artist's Last Name_First Name_Proposal Narrative

Proof of Residency

Artists seeking geographic preference as set forth in the Criteria for Finalist Selection must submit proof of permanent residency west of 20-Mile Bend within Palm Beach County. Proof of residency may include, but is not limited to an official government issued Driver's License, ID Card, and/or Student ID Card.

Criteria for Finalist Selection

The Selection Panel shall select artworks based on the following characteristics:

  1. Artistic merit of the concept art design 30 points
  2. Extent to which concept art design relates to historical and/or contemporary aspects of the Lake Region 30 points
  3. Extent to which art concept design meets art design goals and criteria 30 points
  4. Geographic preference Artists who are permanent residents of the portion of Palm Beach County located West of 20 Mile Bend will receive 10 points

Shortlist and Finalist Selection Panels for this Call to Artists are comprised of the County's Public Art Committee members and, and a representative from Palm Beach County's Engineering & Public Works Department, Traffic Division. Of the concept art designs reviewed, up to twenty-three (23) will be selected for award during Finalist Selection. While not common, Finalist Selection Panel may request minor changes to selected art concepts. If a Finalist refuses to make requested minor changes to their proposed concept art per Finalist Selection Panel's request, Palm Beach County may opt not to contract with artist for art commission.

Palm Beach County's Public Art Administrator will curate and finalize art locations, as sole decision maker, with input from governmental representatives from the Lake Region. Artists whose concept art designs are selected by the Finalist Selection Panel will enter into an Agreement for Artist Services to develop their concept design into an original artwork.

Palm Beach County is not under any obligation to select Short List or Finalist Artists, or to award a contract if, in the sole judgment of the County, the artist materials do not meet the eligibility or qualifications for the project.

11) Artwork Fabrication and Installation

After artwork is completed and approved by PBC AiPP, high quality digital images will be taken of completed non- digitally rendered artwork at PBC AiPP's office by a County-hired photographer at no cost to the artists.

All final images will be printed onto adhesive vinyl then installed onto TSBs by a County-hired printer and installer at no cost to the artists.

12) Community Exhibition & Educational Brochure

Vinyl art wraps are intended to be installed in the spring of 2022, culminating with an exhibition and community event featuring the artists with their concept and final artworks, at the Dolly Hand Cultural Arts Center in Belle Glade or other public venue in the Lake Region. In addition, a brochure highlighting the artworks will be produced and made available to the public at select public locations and online.

13) Tentative Schedule and Process

  • January 11, 2021 – Announce Call to Artists
  • ​January 25, 2021 by 5:00pm – Artists send project questions to PBC AiPP at esinger@pbcgov.org
  • February 2, 2021 by 5:00pm – PBC AiPP posts answers to artist questions at http://discover.pbcgov.org/fdo/art/Pages/Calls-to-Artists.aspx and at https://pbcvssp.co.palm-beach.fl.us/webapp/vssp/AltSelfService
  • February 26, 2021 by 5:00 pm – Shortlist applications due. To apply for this opportunity, sign up for a free CODAwork account athttps://www.codaworx.com/register/ and submit your shortlist application at https://www.codaworx.com/rfp/outside-the-box/
  • Week of March 15, 2021 – Shortlist Selection Panel selects up to forty-six (46) artists based on past artwork samples, letter of interest and one of the following: bio, artist statement, or resume
  • March 29 - April 2, 2021 Shortlisted Artists Mandatory Pre-Proposal Information Session
    • Weekday TBD, 5:30-6:30pm at PBC AiPP office, 2633 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach
    • Weekend TBD, 9:30-10:30am at Belle Glade Library Branch, 725 NW 4th Street, Belle Glade
  • ​​April 30, 2021 – Finalist submittal with concept art design is due, submitted to artsubmittals@pbcgov.org
  • Week of May 17, 2021 – Artists present concept art design to Finalist Selection Panel which shall select up to twenty-three (23) artists and their concept art designs. Following the selection of Artists by the Finalist Selection Panel, Notice of Intent to Award will be posted on http://discover.pbcgov.org/fdo/art/Pages/Calls-to-Artists.aspx
  • By June 14, 2021 – PBC AiPP curates artwork for twenty-three (23) box locations
  • By July 16, 2021 – PBC AiPP submits FDOT Permit Application​
  • ​By October 15, 2021 – PBC AiPP receives Approval of FDOT Permit Application
  • By November 15, 2021 – Twenty-three (23) artists in contract with County
  • By December 17, 2021 – Artists submit digital image of their final art design, per assigned box, to PBC AiPP for approval via email to esinger@pbcgov.org
  • By January 7, 2022 – PBC AiPP reviews final art designs for approval and/or provides feedback to artists regarding necessary changes
  • By January 28, 2022 – Original final 2-D artworks delivered to PBC AiPP office. Final digitally rendered artworks emailed to esinger@pbcgov.org
  • By February 28, 2022 – High quality photographs of final 2-D artwork taken at the PBC AiPP office by a County-hired photographer at no cost to artists
  • By March 4, 2022 – Artists retrieve final 2-D artworks from PBC AiPP office
  • ​​By April 15, 2022 – Vendor prints vinyl art wraps for all twenty-three (23) boxes
  • ​April 18-May 31, 2022 – Vinyl art wraps installed by Vinyl Vendor at no cost to artists
  • June 13-30, 2022 – Public art signal boxes professionally photographed for use in brochure and AiPP website
  • By July 22, 2022 – PBC AiPP produced brochure and website updated to include 23 new artworks
  • ​July-Sept 2022 – PBC TV 20 films artist interviews at artworks for “The Art of Making Place" program
  • November 2022 – PBC TV 20 program airs
  • January or February 2023 – “It's a Wrap" Community Event at Dolly Hand Cultural Art Center or other public venue in the Lake Region coinciding with Exhibition of 23 original artworks

14) The Lake Region Background Information

The cities of Belle Glade, Pahokee, and South Bay, along with unincorporated lands, make up the western region of Palm Beach County referred to as the Lake Region. The population of the region is diverse with strong ethnic and cultural pride, celebrated in several annual festivals. Western Palm Beach County is one of America's major agriculture centers (sugar cane, sweet corn and beans among other products). At the heart of the area is Lake Okeechobee, the second largest fresh water lake in the continental United States, which provides recreational opportunities to area residents and tourists. To learn more about the Lake Region explore these resources:

http://www.pbclibrary.org/branches/belle-glade - "Book a Librarian"
http://www.pbclibrary.org/branches/clarence-e-anthony - "Book a Librarian"
http://www.pbclibrary.org/branches/loula-v-york - "Book a Librarian"

15) Public Art in the Lake Region

Over the past 16 years, Palm Beach County commissioned artists to integrate site-specific public art into a variety of County facilities throughout the Lake Region. Click on Artwork names below to see how the regions' unique characteristics informed each Art Place: Outside the Box - Glades Legacy of Life - Water Story - Knowledge is Our Future- Body Graphix - South Bay Head Start . The Lake Region history is also represented in paintings at the Belle Glade Bank, 108 S. E. Avenue D. Privately commissioned Public Art memorialize the 1928 Hurricane

16) Questions

By 5:00pm on January 25, 2021, any artist questions shall be sent to esinger@pbcgov.org - Subject line: “Outside the Box, Artist Question, Last Name, First Name." By 5:00pm on February 2, 2021, all questions and answers will be documented in an Amendment to the Call to Artists, which will be posted at http://discover.pbcgov.org/fdo/art/Pages/Calls-to-Artists.aspx and at https://pbcvssp.co.palm-beach.fl.us/webapp/vssp/AltSelfService

Questions regarding this Call to Artists must be directed to Palm Beach County's Public Art Administrator, Elayna Toby Singer, at esinger@pbcgov.org. If applicants rely on information provided by persons other than Ms. Singer, they do so at their own risk. From the date of release of this Call to Artists until award of contract, no contact with Palm Beach County's Public Art Committee, members of Selection Panels for this Call to Artists, or representatives of Palm Beach County related to this Call to Artists is permitted except as authorized by Ms. Singer and/or in conjunction with scheduled Call to Artists activities. Any such unauthorized contact shall not be used as a basis for selection and may result in the disqualification of the artist's proposal.

In addition, the Palm Beach County Lobbyist Registration Ordinance prohibits an artist or anyone representing an artist from communicating with any County Commissioner, County Commissioner's staff, or any employee authorized to act on behalf of the Commission to award a particular contract regarding this Call to Artists, i.e., a “Cone of Silence." The “Cone of Silence" is in effect from the date/time of the deadline of the Short List submittal, and terminates at the time that the Board of County Commissioners or a County Department authorized to act on their behalf, awards or approves a contract, rejects all bids, or otherwise takes action which ends the solicitation process. Artists may, however, contact any County Commissioner, County Commissioner's staff, or any employee authorized to act on behalf of the Commission to award a particular contract, via written communication, i.e., facsimile, e-mail, or U.S. mail. Violations of the “Cone of Silence" are punishable by a fine of
$250.00 per violation.

17) Amendments

Changes to this Call to Artists, when deemed necessary by Palm Beach County, will be completed only by written Amendment(s) issued prior to the deadline for receipt of proposals. Proposers should not rely on any representations, statements or explanation other than those made in this Call to Artists, or in any Amendment to this Call to Artists. Where there appears to be a conflict between the Call to Artists, and any Amendment issued, the last Amendment issued shall prevail.

ALL Palm Beach County Call to Artists and Amendments will be advertised at http://discover.pbcgov.org/fdo/art/Pages/Calls-to-Artists.aspx and at https://pbcvssp.co.palm-beach.fl.us/webapp/vssp/AltSelfService . It is the sole responsibility of artists/proposers to routinely check this website for any Amendments issued prior to the deadline for receipt of proposals. Palm Beach County shall not be responsible for the completeness of any package (Call to Artists and Amendments) not downloaded from this website.

18) General Terms and Conditions

  1. Upon submission, all proposals become public records and the property of Palm Beach County, and subject to disclosure in accordance with Florida law.
  2. Due care and diligence has been exercised in preparation of this Call to Artists and all information contained herein is believed to be substantially correct; however, the responsibility for determining the full extent of the requested services rests solely with those making proposals.
  3. Palm Beach County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals submitted in response to this Call to Artists, waive any or all informalities and/or irregularities, re-advertise with either an identical or revised scope, or cancel this Call to Artists in its entirety.
  4. Palm Beach County reserves the right to reschedule or cancel Finalist Selection without paying honorarium or expenses.
  5. Palm Beach County is not under any obligation to select Short List Artists or a Finalist or to award a contract if, in the sole judgment of the County, the artist materials do not meet the eligibility or qualifications for the project.
  6. Palm Beach County reserves the right to contact any or all proposers after submittal in order to obtain supplemental information and/or clarification in either verbal or written form.




Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Facility
4215 Cherry Road, West Palm Beach, Florida
BUDGET: $796,000 
DEADLINE: April 30, 2021

Palm Beach County Art in Public Places seeks to commission an Artist/Artist team (Artist) to create art that encourages Palm Beach County residents to vote; serving as a call to action to participate in the election process.
Artists are invited to create original art inspired by the following statement on Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections' website: “The right to vote is one of the most fundamental liberties we enjoy as Americans and it is also one of our greatest civic responsibilities. Make freedom count."
For full Call to Artists, click here.