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PBIA Gallery Paintings

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"Journeys" exhibition features art that conveys a sense of adventure, exploration, odyssey or passage.


Artworks were selected by Palm Beach County's Public Art Committee from more than 60 pieces submitted by artists who call the Palm Beaches home. The Art Gallery at PBIA is centrally located on level 2 in the atrium near the putting green. Its pre-security location encourages passengers and locals to discover these exceptional artworks. For more information about purchasing art featured in this exhibition, please contact Palm Beach County's Art in Public Places Administrator Elayna Toby Singer at esinger@pbcgov.org or at (561) 233-0235.




Thursday, June 22, 2023
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
PBI Art Gallery
Palm Beach International Airport
Main Terminal, Level 2, Near the Putting Green
Free and Open to the Public
Park in Long Term, Levels 6 or 7

Meet Featured Artists
Tony Arruza | Brent Bludworth | Dana Donaty | Ron Garrett
B. Corey Johnson | Abbe Kalman | EJ Morales | Sharon Pollak | Hilary Pulitzer
Merry Renert | Giada Robinson | Janet Siegel Rogers | Barry Seidman
Debbie Shapiro | Linh Trinh

​Enjoy "Creativity Takes Flight" to hear artist stories about their artwork featured in the Journeys exhibition.

​Lunar Lighthouse

By Tony Arruza
Photograph on Aluminum
32” x 47”
Price: $3,000​
A barren, rock-strewn landscape with strong horizontal lines and a hill that leads the eyes to a distant lighthouse is an odd and striking depiction of an iconic structure, no seascape, foggy weather or crashing waves. A scene from a distant planet is the impression given, not one of earths. The result in an image that provokes curiosity and leads the mind into a far away journey.​​


Canoe Trip​​​

By Ron Garrett
Acrylic on Canvas
53” x 41”
Price: $3,400
"Canoe Trip" an animated playful painting, represents many journeys taken on Florida's rivers and waterways. Growing up along Jupiter's canals created a deep sense of place for me as an artist. Its steamy environments decorated my childhood, vividly etching lush landscapes and wildlife into my imagination. With each stroke of the paddle and brush, I hope to take the viewer through enchanted river banks peppered with cabbage palm, live oak, and "playful elements" like canoes and fallen logs - extending our experience of a leisure odyssey along a river's meanderings. ​​



By EJ Morales
Dye Sublimation Print on Aluminum
36” x 30”
Price: $1,500​
I don't subscribe to the well-worn cliché that a picture speaks 1,000 words. That's too many. Simple is better. Encounter is about two species that each journey thousands of miles within their own native mediums of air and water yet possess the mutual curiosity to meet at a relative handful of special places sprinkled throughout our shared planet. We are fortunate enough to live near one such place. If sharks could photograph us, how would they depict us?

​​​Crashing In

By Merry Renert
Mixed Medium on Canvas
36” x 36”
Price: $1,500​
This painting represents my interpretation of "Journey". The ocean is seen in all its turbulence and ever changing moods. It was created with lots of texture from hand-painted papers and gels to create a tactile sensation inviting the viewer to step in and feel movement of the journey.

​​Grignan, France 2022 ​

By Barry Seidman
Photograph on Aluminum
30” x 30”
Price: $2,400
Souvenirs (From the French for Memory), is an object a traveller brings home for the memories associated with it. On recent travels through the French Countryside, I found this ancient chapel near Grignan. It evoked a sense of journey to past from present, from there to here.​



By Brent Bludworth
Cardboard relief

40” x 30” 
Price: $2,000
An "EPIC" is a journey. The Cardboard relief , "EPIC", depicts a couple of surfers on an adventure, searching for perfect untouched waves. An "EPIC" is as much about getting there, as it is about the final destination. Same can be said of my cardboard relief process. Most ideas start off as sketches, drawings or paintings. From there I begin a creative process of exploring, constructing and assembling my cardboard relief. Ultimately, for me, it is as much about the artistic Journey as the Final work.



By B. Corey Johnson
Gold &Metal Leaf with Chemical Patination

56” x 46” 
Price: $19,500
Leaving my shelter. To embark on a journey. And not looking back.​ Sometimes a journey isn't just about where you are going, but also what you are leaving behind. For many, that means leaving the safety and shelter of home to explore the world around them. Likewise, as an artist and a gilder, I have constantly pushed to leave behind the conventional ideas of how gold and metal leaf are presented. No longer the embellishment to some other art form, I strive to elevate gilding as a medium unto itself.

A New Day: A New Adventure

By Sharon Pollak
Acrylic on Canvas

36” x 36”
Price: $2,000
My goal is to create art that generates positive energy and joy. My intuitive style of painting instills a sense of "wonder" into the piece itself and also reflects the freedom I feel in my own personal journey of life. The colors I choose and the textures I add all contribute to depicting nature and the world I see in a new and exciting way. "A NEW DAY: A NEW ADVENTURE" begins to tap into these feelings of adventure, fascination and awe; leaving much to the imagination of the viewer.​

Stairs to Where?

By Giada Robinson
Digital Photograph on Acrylic

40” x 30”
Price: $2,250
I believe each person has their own personal journeys and life has a path for everyone. In this particular piece, I attempted to capture an anonymous figure going on their own journey. From ascending into the unknown, this woman conveys the exploration that everyone desires, whether it is within our own personal desires or a collective want to explore.​

Morning Journey

By Debbie Shapiro
Photograph on Canvas

30” x 43”
Price: $350
On a safari in Tanzania I came across this line of zebras, who were on a misty morning journey to reach their watering hole. The queue stretched way far in the distance and disappeared among the haze. I felt like I was dreaming.

Lunar Landing ​

By Dana Donaty
Acrylic on Canvas

46” x 56” ​
Price: $9,500 ​
Through an interdisciplinary practice of painting, sculpture, and assemblage, I respond to some of life's most vexing social issues poking at culture's dark side in my maximalist painting series, Pareidolia. Gigantic canvases depict larger-than-life human figures imposed on a playground of tiny fantastical creatures, speaking to the paradoxes of freedom and equality in an out-of-scale, absurd world.

My Journey to My Favorite Coastline

By Abbe Kalman
Mixed Medium on Canvas

36” x 48” 
Price:$ 2,495​
Traveling brings forth sights, sounds and emotions that give me new inspirations for my work. Always on a quest, I concentrate my attention to form, color and movement to show emotion, and softer, earthy colors to give expression to my vision of the search for understanding of one's environment. The textures, layers and colors in this piece enable me to portray the things I see and feel in my life as I look for new adventures.


True Story​

By Hilary Pulitzer
Oil on Canvas
30” x 40”
Price: $1,000
TRUE STORY Elevation of 12,500 ft. A few days horseback camping trip in White River National Wilderness in Colorado. In addition to the scenery and thin air was the confident calm of the pack horses. On the steepest most difficult terrain one could feel the magnificent horse's heart beating. It seemed like they enjoyed the trip. I took my horse Ajax up a nearby hill to catch this snapshot on film. Then and now, my intention was to paint an image of a special time and an unforgettable journey


The Sun Also Rises

By Janet Siegel Rogers
Oil Encaustic on Canvas

44” x 36”
Price: $8,500
THE SUN ALSO RISES is from a visit to Key West with its' outstanding sunrises that turn the Atlantic waters golden from reflecting colors of the sun. The title of this painting honors author Ernest Hemingway who lived and wrote in this town at the end of Route US 1. On another level the title speaks to a new day, a fresh start and to leaving troubles behind, especially from the stress created with recent health concerns. The rising sun gives a daily clean slate and time to start afresh.

Dancing Cypress​​

By Linh Trinh
Photograph on Canvas

36 x 48” 
​Price: ​$3,500
My adventure begins on a charter boat to explore the well preserved Blue Cypress Lake. Scanning the bank for the perfect shot; a cypress tree caught my eyes. The vibrant autumn foliage perfectly contrasted with grassy foreground and the background with Spanish moss gave the tree a distinctive " dancing feel."​​​


Click here to watch our video Creativity Takes Flight​​ ​

“Fly. Soar. Leap.” exhibition features ar​​tworks that convey uplift, forward movement, pos​sibility, rising up.

Artworks were selected by Palm Beach Co​unty's Public Art Committee from more than 60 pieces submitted by artist​s who call the Palm Beaches home. The Art Gallery at PBIA is centrally located on level 2 in the atrium near the putting green. ​Its pre-security location encourages passengers and locals to discover these exceptional artworks. For more information about purchasing art featured in this exhibition, please contact Palm Beach County's Art in Public Places Administrator Elayna Toby Singer at esinger@pbcgov.org​ or at (561) 233-0235​.​